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5 Quick Weight Loss Tips

In my experience of talking to people who have lost weight, a lot of them have one thing in common – they’ve kept things simple, and kept doing simple things.

Here are a few quick weight loss tips. Pick two that you think will have the biggest impact on you, and start doing them (and let me know how you get on).

1. Identify Emotional Eating

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Most people eat when they’re not hungry, or eat more than they need a one sitting.

Why do you do this? I used to do this after a hard day at work. I deserved a big plateful food, I’d been working really hard!

Other people eat of boredom or stress. What’s yours? If you’re carrying too many pounds this is definitely going on – identify it, and then make a plan to overcome it.

2. Eat Enough Fat


Since Western governments advised us to cut down on fat (and we got brainwashed by the food industry that this was healthy), the rates of obesity has soared. One reason is that you actually need fat to run a fat burning metabolism.

Make sure you’re eating healthy fats on a daily basis. Things like avocados, seeds, nuts, olive oil, eggs, and oily fish.

3. Reduce Refined Food

Refined food tends to be lower in fat, so they’re marketed as healthy (it is not healthy – it’s exactly the opposite).

Refined food, like white flour, have had nearly all nutrients stripped away – it’s pretty much just the calories left.

Your body still needs those missing nutrients, and it will try and get them by making you feel hungry.

As a result you tend to eat many more calories than you need when eating refined food, because you have to eat loads of the stuff to get enough of the smaller nutrients.

4. Walk More

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Such an easy thing to do, and equally easy not too!

A few years ago a study was done on 2 groups of people. One group was asked to increase their daily steps by just 2,000 (can be done in less than 20 minutes). This group lost a moderate amount of weight compared to the other group who made changes.

Would anything stop you doing this? If you did it every day for a year that would be an extra 730,000 steps you wouldn’t have taken. You can see why this kind of simple and easy stuff can be effective when you keep doing it can’t you?

5. Be Careful With Booze

It’s surprising how these calories can be forgotten about isn’t it?

I’m not against a drink, I enjoy a drink, and I think it has its place in a healthy lifestyle. You can also continue enjoying a tipple and lose weight, providing you’re sensible.

The UK guidelines are sensible in my opinion (14 units/week for women and 21 units/week for men). It’s best to spread them out and have a couple of days off.

The problem with drinking too much in one go is that drops your blood sugar some hours afterwards, which makes you eat more than you need. Having a small amount doesn’t do this, which is why it’s fine to do when you’re trying to lose weight.

Would You Like More Quick Weight Loss Tips?

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Have a great week!

Dr Julie

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