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Best and Fastest Way to Lose Weight

Sustained weight loss happens as a result of habit change, so embarking on a habit change program is the best and fastest way to lose weight. It’s the perfect way to lay the foundations of success for permanent weight loss.

Basically you need to learn the mind-set of a slim person – because without that, you wouldn’t be able to consistently put other information into practice, like great nutrition and effective exercise.

But before you can lose weight, you need to know where you’re going..

Programming Your ‘Satnav’

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At the route of the best and fastest way to lose weight is making the decision about your desired destination, and programing that into the goal seeking part of your mind.

This is a bit like programing a satnav.

If you have a satnav and get into your car without putting a new destination into it, it will take you to the last place you went. You have to put in something new to get somewhere different.

If you have a problem with your weight, one of your problems will be that the goal seeking part of your mind is set up with the wrong program.

Until you change that, you’ll keep ending up at your old destination – ‘destination overweight’, with perhaps a few periods of weight loss here and there in the middle by dieting.

The most important thing you need is to learn how to program the goal seeking part of your mind. This is covered extensively in Uber Slim, but it comes down to deciding what you want and focusing on that (rather than focusing on what you have now, which is what you don’t want!)


Planning Your Route


Once your car satnav is programed, it plans a route or you.

Once you have programed yourself correctly by being clear about your destination, the steps to success reveal themselves more clearly. This is because you become more receptive to what you need to do.

Otherwise you tend to tell yourself what you think you should do, and try to use will power to keep doing it. This is what typically happens with diets.

Sit down and think – what do you know you need to do to lose weight?

Some of these may be obvious, like stopping eating in response to stress. Others may not be obvious and need to be brought to light before you can do anything about them, like a hidden addiction to food.

When the light has been shone on all potential hurdles, you can use them to plot your route to successful weight loss.

You might feel you need education about nutrition.  You may not know how to exercise in relation to fat loss. Perhaps you need help to overcome emotional eating.

Take a bit of time and list all potential things that could be standing in your way. Pick one or two to start tackling now.

Keeping On Course

best and fastest way to lose weight

It’s all very well having all the best information about nutrition and exercise, but it’s consistently applying your knowledge which will result in the best and fastest way to lose weight.

This boils down to nurturing your mind-set, which is what often gets ignored as people tend to focus on what they should and shouldn’t be eating, or how much exercise they have or haven’t done.

You constantly need to keep coming back to your mind-set. You do this by imagining that your outcome is already achieving, and really feeling what that feels like.

This enables you to keep making the changes, in a way that makes them feel like they are the natural thing to do, rather than trying to force yourself with willpower.

You want to keep checking in on you plan, your list of possible steps you came up with.

Best And Fastest Way to Lose Weight

If you’re considering help with your weight lose check out Uber Slim, my online weight loss course.

It contains plenty of help about developing and nurturing a slim mind-set – the essential ingredient to successful weight loss.

It also gives you up to date information about nutrition and exercise, and the ability to ask an expert all your questions.

People who are really serious about turning their health around tend to realise that they can massively increase their chances of success by including accountability within their plan. Uber Slim offers that with the ‘premier’ option, and you can find out all about that by clicking here.

If you’ve got questions at all before starting the program, get in contact with me. I’ll be very happy to get back to you.

Have a fantastic week.

Dr Julie

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