best way to start weight loss

The Best Way To Start Weight Loss May Surprise You

You’ve probably heard this saying before ‘you get more of what you focus on’, which basically means the best way to start weight loss is to accept where you are right now with your weight, and shift your focus towards what you actually want.

If you don’t accept where you are now with your weight, it means your everyday focus will be on your weight as it is now, which is what you don’t want. This sets up a BIG resistance to any movement forward with weight loss, because you can only end up getting what you give your predominant focus to.

Your non acceptance of where you are right now shows itself constantly throughout the day.

It might be when you see a photo of yourself, or look at yourself in a mirror, and say to yourself “I’m fat”, and then feel horrible about it. Your focus is on being fat, which means you’re going to keep getting more of the same.

Another way of not accepting and keeping your focus on what you don’t actually want is with your conversations with friends or work colleagues about being fat, about how rough the diet is, about how nothing ever works. This makes you feel horrible too.

What do you think about or say when it comes to your weight? What’s the knock on effect of that on how you feel about yourself? Whatever that is reflects where your focus is. And where your focus is directs what you get more of.

The best way to start weight loss is directing what focus on, and being careful what you allow yourself to think about – is that going to be fat or slim?

Best Way to Start Weight Loss

Looking at yourself in the mirror and deciding you don’t particularly like what you see, and not feeling happy about that, is fine at first. It’s only by experiencing this that we realise we want something different to what we’ve got now.

It’s at that point things tend go wrong for most people, because they don’t take the next step of clearly defining what they do want, and focus on that instead. What they do is continue to bang the drum of what they don’t want, keeping their focus fixed on what they don’t want.

And you get what you focus on. If you keep your focus on ‘fat’, you get more ‘fat’, or just ongoing ‘fat’.

By accepting where you are, deciding what you want instead, accepting there’s a distance to travel to get there, you take your focus away from what you don’t want, and put it on what you do want. This is the best way to start weight loss.

This has been taken from Living the Slim Life, and next week I’ll explain why acceptance opens the path to weight loss, and how to actually do it.

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I would encourage you notice where your focus is when it comes to your weight – what are your private thoughts, and what is your conversation with other people. Whatever these are is what you’re creating for you body in the future – is it going to be more of the same, or something different?

Have a great week!

Dr Julie


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