blood pressure too high symptoms

Blood Pressure Too High Symptoms

Blood pressure too high symptoms?

The honest answer is usually none! It’s pretty much a myth that it causes headaches and nose bleeds.

High blood pressure has the nickname ‘The Silent Killer’ for good reason – it’s the commonest cause of premature death. (1)

You can be walking around feeling fine, but have high blood pressure without knowing.


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High Blood Pressure Too High Symptoms – Due To Consequences

The ultimate ‘symptom’ of high BP is death – it often gets written into death certificates.

It’s also one of the commonest causes of serious illness and disability.

The consequences of high blood pressure play out as it accelerates damage and wear and tear on the arterial system around the body. When they finally succumb under the pressure they either block or burst. The results depend where in the body this happens.

Mini Strokes & Strokes

A disabling stroke is a common reason people end up in nursing homes. People assume this only happens to ‘old people’, but this isn’t true. The youngest person I’ve seen in a nursing home, completely disabled by a stroke was 49. She couldn’t talk or even get herself out of bed.

Angina & Heart Attacks

If you have a heart attack part of your heart dies for good. It depends how much you lose as to how much this will affect the rest of your life.

Heart Failure

Working against the relentless effort of high blood pressure the heart begins to failure. It basically gets knackered and starts to give up. People in this state can get very tired and not be able to do a lot due to getting short of breath as their lungs fill up with fluid.

The brain and heart really suffer, but so too do many other parts of the body:

  • Kidneys begin fail
  • Eyes suffer putting your sight at risk
  • Big arteries blow up like balloons and can pop – this could easily kill you
  • Big arteries can close off leading to limb loss

Take Your Blood Pressure Seriously.

If you haven’t had your BP checked within the last 5 years – get it done.

the truth about high blood pressure









If you’ve put on a lot of weight recently – get your BP checked as that can push it up a lot.

If you’re on medication already but your BP is still too high – don’t be reassured that all will be well.

High blood pressure is often only the first step onto a treadmill of ill health and tablets – you might need a suit case for them all soon if you’re not careful!

High blood pressure IS NOT NORMAL AT ANY AGE, and it means you have created ill health in your body.

But the good news is you can reverse a lot of that ill health, even reverse it completely by taking care of your body.

High blood pressure is not caused by a lack of pharmaceutical drugs – it’s caused by diet and lifestyle choices. And these choices of yours can change if you want to restore health to your body.

Here’s a bit more for you:

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Have a great week!

Dr Julie

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(1) Bromfield S, Munter P. High blood pressure: the leading global burden of disease risk factor and the need for worldwide prevention programs.  Curr Hypertens Rep 2013

Blood pressure too high symptoms

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