Can’t Lose Weight? Could This Be a Reason? Part 2

very hungry

So I’m in a state of almost frantic huger, almost at the point of losing all common sense and eating whatever is close to hand, even if I know it will make me fat – it doesn’t matter, I just need to eat!

Refined carbs release their energy, as glucose, very quickly once they hit your stomach. White rice and white nan bread are examples of refined carbs. By eating this meal I would have shot my blood glucose up very rapidly. As a consequence my insulin levels would have risen to a high level very quickly too. The next consequence is low blood sugar and feeling like I could eat everything in the fridge and then move on to the cupboards. This is the result of eating white refined carbs.

As a one off this is ok, but if you do this regularly you can see what’s going to happen can’t you…

I didn’t want to feel like this later, or tomorrow morning, and risk repeating the cycle.  I wanted to nip this in the bud. I resisted what I was being driven to eat, which was more fast release stuff. Because I chose to eat whole foods it took a bit longer to correct my low blood sugar. Therefore it took a little longer to feel ok again, compared to what it would have by eating more refined food.

However, I quickly broke the cycle because I knew what was going on and didn’t want to succumb to it. I got back on track very quickly due to the knowledge I have and fact that I notice what’s going on with my body.

By learning about food and your body you will have this kind of control at your own finger tips.

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Uber Health to you 🙂

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