Viruses Don’t Do Well With Heat

It’s not news that heat is the enemy to common viruses that cause coughs and colds, that’s been known for some time.

So when someone sent me this video it made immediate sense to me, at least in theory, even though it sounds too simple. It’s worth a watch because the advice in the video can’t do you harm but it could help, I don’t know for sure.

Anything with practically no risk but any potential to help – I’m good with people trying.



I hope at the very least you’re taking your vitamin d, especially after the blog I published last week.

This is the one I’m taking.

Some people have said it’s quite high. I have my levels checked so I know it’s fine for me. It’s a good idea longer term to get your levels checked, but for now – especially if you’re not taking any, start taking some.

Don’t ask your doctor for blood tests right now – we’re a bit busy as I’m sure you can appreciate.



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Stay well

Dr Julie

2 thoughts on “Viruses Don’t Do Well With Heat”

  1. sharon whitehouse

    Interesting video… The world of supplementation is so confusing and contradictory sometimes!! So much conflicting info out there – eg: the info this guy in the video says about Vit C sort of conflicts with other “research” outcomes presented by such as Patrick Holford (sorry cant remember exact details for accurate references!!), Heyho, I’ve got the VitD and some others off your list….

    1. Dr. Julie Coffey

      Yes it can be!
      I’m a fan of vitamin C, tiny risk so only really benefit to be had.
      I put this video on more for the research about heat and humidity, you know – being a hot yoga fan and all 🙂

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