Creating Your Own Cancer Treatment Plan

the cancer maverick

I recently read Nina Joy’s book – The Adventures of a Cancer Maverick. It’s a great little book written by an inspirational lady.

Nina got diagnosed with incurable breast cancer in 2012 and wasn’t given a rosy outlook by her doctors. She was offered ‘palliative chemotherapy’. This means cure wasn’t the goal, just a slowing down of the cancer.

Most people in this situation will do exactly what their doctor advises, but Nina didn’t do this. She instinctively knew chemotherapy was the wrong thing to do and began planning her own cancer treatment.

There are many things that struck me about Nina’a journey, the first being the brave decision to step outside of the conventional approach and do things her own way.

The first thing she did was get the healthy part of her body really healthy. She did this by following the 3E Program, and learnt how to do this by spending 5 weeks at a centre in Germany.

The 3E Program has it’s foundations in the study of advanced cancer survivors. Its basis is good nutrition, detoxing your body and harnessing your mental power.

This wasn’t enough on its own but it did get Nina’s body healthy enough to cope with the other treatments she subsequently had.

There were two things that really stood out in this book for me.

One was that Nina would do lots of research and then make her decisions using the guidance of her intuition. I love this because I know that when we give our intuition lots of information, and we give ourselves time to mull things over, our intuition helps us make the best decisions.

The other thing was for her desire to find independent advice.

Nina used to work in a bank and knew that some financial advisers are tied to a particular bank and can only offer that bank’s products. You’ll probably get better advice from an independent financial advisor. She likens doctors in the NHS to the bank’s financial advisor, tied to their own products. What she really wanted was independent advice from someone who could look at ALL treatment options.

She found an independent advisor and added her to her ‘team’, to help her create her own treatment plan.

It’s obviously working really well for Nina as she’s doing extremely well. If you’re interested in learning more about her, and her amazing journey so far you can get a copy of her great little book here:

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