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The Decision To Change Is The First Step

We all want our lives to change, our circumstances to improve, our waist line to shrink, and to have things easy – don’t we? But how often do we make the decision to change?

Unfortunately for things to change we have to change, and that’s the stumbling block isn’t it, because changing ourselves isn’t always that easy is it? It’s far easier for everything around us to change instead!

Other people should change, difficult circumstances should go away and temptation just shouldn’t be around us the whole time. Life would be so much easier if all of that would just sort itself out wouldn’t it? 🙂

But for things to really change we have to change ourselves on the inside – we’ve got to change our thinking, which will change our speaking and our actions – like what we eat and what we do. We have to make the decision to change.

When it comes to weight loss your first step could be a decision to be willing to change. Because if you don’t change, you don’t change! So things stay the same for you, and you go on another diet.

How long have you been trying to lose weight? Or have you been constantly up and down with your weight over the years? Are you prepared to carry on like this, or are ready to make the decision to change?

All that means is doing it differently this time – and I don’t mean a different diet!

Perhaps being open to the fact that you’ve got some kind of mental block when it comes to losing your weight could be your starting point. Clearly something is stopping you, and it’s not lack of effort for most people.

If the very thought of doing that is making you switch off or look the other way – just hold on a minute!

The very place that you feel the most resistance, discomfort, or the feeling of ‘I can’t be bothered’ is exactly the place to look, because this is where the problem lies. So don’t turn away, because breakthroughs are just around the corner once you’ve put your finger on the problem – and you can only do that if you’re prepared to look at it.

A recent coaching client of mine was shocked to realise her weight problem was actually serving a purpose.

Our thinking can seem totally f***ed up at times! Here she was desperate to lose weight on the one hand. But on the other – if she did lose weight she’s might lose some of her friends – or at least this is what her current f***ed up thinking was telling her.

You see most of her friends were overweight too. Whenever they got together they’d talk about the diet and have the general ‘fat chat’. In her mind – if she lost weight she wouldn’t be part of this anymore, she would lose her friends and be cast out to fend for herself.

This fear came out in one of our coaching sessions. This isn’t a thought she was thinking consciously – she wasn’t aware of it, but it was there bubbling under the surface and playing and important part in keeping her stuck with her weight.

To her – being slim meant losing her friends. Who wants to lose their friends? No – she will stay fat and keep her friends. F***ed up thinking like this has to be exposed and dealt with, and then you can move past it. This stuff can be really subtle, but if powerfully holds you back.

What f***ed up thinking have you got going on? And you will have, we all have, even if we don’t know it yet.

If you’re ready to make the decision to change you might be interested in one to one coaching we me:

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