Does Running Burn Belly Fat?

When someone is trying to lose weight they might reach for their running shoes to go for a run or jog, but does running burn belly fat, or any other excess body fat for that matter?

To discover the answer we need to look at the body’s response to running.

What Happens When You Run?

When a human body does moderate exercise like jogging, for the first 20 minutes or so they will be burning mostly glucose. After that you switch to burning predominantly fat. Sounds good, after all that’s the aim!

As your endurance improves you will be able to run for longer lengths of time, burning more fat while you’re doing it.

However, the most important effects of exercise actually happen afterwards, not during. This is where you really need to look to answer the question does running burn belly fat.

So what happens after you’ve spent time and effort running?

If you’re regularly doing something to your body that requires fat, your body adapts to that. It will make sure it’s got fat supplies to meet the demand you’re putting on it.

While you may have burned body fat with your 20 minute plus run, afterwards your body will lay it back down again.

Add to this the possibility that you may be eating more than you need, you can see why joggers can remain overweight, or even put weight on.

Does Running Burn Belly Fat?

Long distance running and jogging is not a great plan if you want to lose weight – it’s time consuming and results in your body making fat. All of that said – if you love running and you’re happy with your weight, keep on enjoying it.

But there is a way to use running to your advantage, to lose weight. And it’s a lot quicker than the traditional jog.

We have the same genes as our hunter gatherer ancestors. There are still a few pockets of people living like this. One thing they definitely don’t do is jog! They walk a lot and keep their bodies strong with the daily activities they do.

But when it comes to running, the only sort they do is short bursts of sprinting, e.g. while hunting.

Short bursts of high intensity running within a 20 minute or less interval style routine, burns high levels of glucose while you do it. You don’t burn much fat at all.

However, afterwards the body burns a lot of fat while it is recovering. This fat burning goes on for hours after the exercise.

Does running burn body fat? This type does. If you do this as well as eating correctly you can’t fail to lose weight.

Where to Start?

Some of my Uber Slim clients haven’t exercised for years, and feel a bit scared to start doing so. This is an example of something I share with them, to get them started in the right way to lose body fat.

As you can see it only takes 20 minutes, it’s a lot quicker than lengthy workouts on a treadmill.

does running burn belly fat


Exercising for health and weight loss is something I cover in some detail during my online weight loss course, and I’m often asked “does running burn belly fat?”

If you’re ready to invest in your health and finally get rid of those extra pounds, you can get started immediately by clicking here to join Uber Slim. You’re very welcome to contact me if you have any questions.

If you have any comments or questions about this article pop them below, I’d love the hear them.

Have a great week.

Dr Julie

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