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2 Easy Weight Loss Tips

The other day I was asked to give 2 easy weight loss tips that would work for anyone.

This was a great question, because there’s a great advantage in concentrating on just 2 things, because it keeps your plan very simple, which prevents you feeling overwhelmed.

My Uber Slim clients get strong encouragement from me to do these two.

A Trial Without Wheat

wheat products

This will always feature in any easy weight loss tips from me, even though it often provokes looks of horror at first!

Conventional modern day wheat has gone through enormous genetic manipulation over the past 50 years. The result of this is, modern day wheat is now a far cry from what our ancient ancestors used to eat.

There’s strong argument that grain in general isn’t a great thing to eat anyway, but modern wheat is certainly linked to a host of illness, including obesity – and for two clear reasons.

When you eat wheat, e.g. bread or breakfast cereals, you get a sudden and high spike in your blood sugar. Your body responds to this by producing a lot of insulin. The result of this is fat laydown, and the inability of break any fat down, until the insulin has gone. Also you get a rebound low blood sugar, which causes you to feel mega hungry.

The other problem with modern wheat, is that the proteins in it can attach to the endorphin receptors in the brain. So eating wheat can make you feel good, but after a short time you don’t feel so good, and start to crave more wheat products.

Wheat has addictive tendencies, some people are affected more than others.

Studies have shown that when people stop eating wheat their average daily calorie intake reduces by several hundred. This is because appetite reduces.

2,000 Extra Steps Each Day


There was a study done to see if a bit of extra walking would decrease the risk of heart disease.

There were two groups of people. One group was told to carry on as normal. The other group were given a pedometer and asked to walk 2,000 steps, in addition to what they did anyway. They were asked to make no other changes.

The risk of heart disease did go down. Over the course of the study the ‘walkers’ had less heart attacks. But they also lost a moderate amount of weight compared with the ‘non walkers’, and this was without making any other changes.

2,000 steps can easily be done in 20 minutes, or less. So this is definitely one of the easy weight loss tips.

Easy Weight Loss Tips

These two easy weight loss tips stand to be very effective. And there’s real value in keeping your weight loss plan really simple.

I suggest to my Uber Slim clients to try 4 weeks without wheat. Most find it reasonable thing to do, once they’ve heard more of the story about wheat, and how harmful to health it is.

I talk a lot about alternatives to wheat on the course, because wheat is everywhere in the typical Western diet. It can be difficult to know where to start.

A 20 minute walk is something anyone can fit into their day. If you were to do that for a month you’d have taken 60,000 extra steps. 2,000 steps a day compounded over a period of time adds up to a lot, which is why it helps with weight loss.

Why not join us on Uber Slim and learn more easy weight loss tips?

If you’ve got any questions about the course contact me, I’ll be delighted to get back to you.

And if you’d like some free video weight loss tips – check this free course out.

Have a great week.

Dr Julie

PS Just in case you haven’t caught this podcast yet – on this I talk about the awfulness of low fat eating, and the mindset you need to keep your weight off for good.

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