excuses for not losing weight

Excuses For Not Losing Weight

As a GP I’ve heard tons of reasons and excuses for not losing weight and I offered a free book in my newsletter last week if anyone could give me one I hadn’t heard. I haven’t been to the post office – but if you think you might have one, let me know it!

In that newsletter I also shared my own reason excuse, for not being as cardiovascular fit as I’d like to be. I’ve been lazy, but I’ve let myself off that hook by saying something different for quite some time – “I haven’t got time!”

That’s my own personal bullshit to excuse myself from taking action. But no more! I’m stepping up and moving towards what I want, rather staying stuck in the story I’ve been telling myself about having no time.

Excuses For Not Losing Weight

Here we go – how many of these reasons and excuses for not losing weight are you saying to yourself right now?

  • I just can’t – it’s my genes, I’ve no will power, I’ve tried and nothing works
  • It’s not the right time – too much stress right now, too busy, maybe after my holiday
  • It’s too hard
  • It’s too expensive – to eat healthily, to have gym membership, to buy a whole load of new clothes
  • I can’t until my partner does it too
  • My thyroid problem stops me
  • I can’t exercise because of – my knees, my heart, my chest, my weight
  • I’m not motivated
  • I’m happy the way I am
  • I can’t be bothered
  • I don’t know how
  • If I lose weight my husband will want more sex and I don’t want it!

I’ve had more than that back from my readers, but you get the idea.

What’s yours? Do you believe it’s a genuine reason, or do you know your delaying action by hiding behind an excuse like I did?

Getting Past Your Excuses

The first thing is recognising an excuse as an excuse, and not something real.

I knew all along my ‘reason’ was an excuse, because I know I can get much, much fitter by only 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise per week.

Do you believe your reason to be true, or do you know it’s rubbish and you’re kidding yourself like I did.

Inspiration for change can come from anywhere and sometimes it can be funny where it pops up – at least it was for me and a good friend of mine who I was on a long flight with recently.

We’ve both been going on about how we want to be in even better physical shape than we are for a while, and on the flight watched the not all that great film Wonder Woman. However, we both got inspired by some of the actresses who are a bit older than us, by the shape they’d got themselves into for the film.

Robin Wright looking fantastic at 51

On top of a desire to be fitter, some surprise inspiration, and a friendly challenge, we are both making headway.

How can you get past your rubbish?

Watch this space for my Wonder Woman Pose – COMING SOON!

Have a wonderful week

Dr Julie

PS Here’s the link to the fun quiz 


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