fat and unhappy

If You’re Fat And Unhappy You’ll Struggle To Get Slim

“I’m fat and unhappy “

“I’m so unhappy with my body”

“I eat because I’m unhappy”

All of these statements are massive mental anchors helping to keep you stuck and overweight.

To a large extent your health and weight are a reflection of your thoughts, because thoughts come first.

Your thoughts precede the health you have, because they subconsciously drive your behaviour.

Your weight is literally the shadow of your consistent thoughts. Do you have ‘fat thoughts’ or ‘slim thoughts’?

fat and unhappy

What do you consistently think about when it comes to your weight?

If you’re fat and unhappy, you probably thinking about where you are now. The thoughts you are choosing to have are making you feel unhappy. But at the same time these thoughts are casting their ‘shadow’ into your life and health.

If you’re feeling bad about where you are at present with your weight – it means that you want something else. What is that?

Because this is your starting point in removing this anchor!

You could compare this to a holiday.

Imagine you’re a bit fed up with work. The negative feeling is telling you that you want something. You want a holiday!

Without that thought, you wouldn’t end up having a holiday. But you focus on what you want, you have lots of nice thoughts about a lovely holiday. And at some point the ‘shadow’ of these thoughts is cast, and you’re on holiday.

But if you continued to sit at work and think predominantly about how awful work was (and not about what you really wanted – the holiday), you would continue to sit stuck at work, feeling unhappy. But instead you have directed your thoughts towards what you really want, and felt good about it. And then made it happen!

Thoughts come first.

It’s a similar thing with weight loss.

Without different thoughts, nothing changes.

You have to decide what you want instead, begin thinking about that more often, and start feeling happy about it.

This kind of thinking starts to remove the mental anchors which are holding you back from a slimmer you.

Removing unhappiness about where you are now is one of the factors that allows you to move forward to ‘destination slim’.

Fat And Unhappy – Start Changing These Thoughts

Instead of feeling fat and unhappy, just for this week have a go at something else instead:

  • Your negative thoughts about your body are telling you that you want something different.
  • What do you want?
  • What will you be doing when you’ve got that?
  • Spend time thinking about how good that will be (just like you would with an upcoming holiday).
  • Look forward to it.
  • Keep reading my blogs for more tips!

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Have a fun week!

Dr Julie

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3 thoughts on “If You’re Fat And Unhappy You’ll Struggle To Get Slim”

  1. Just read the first week. Found it very informative.

    Have already had both hips replaced within the last 3 year’s and have consequently gained weight, mainly through lack of exercise and comfort eating.

    I now want to get back to normal weight,loose extra fat and get my get up and go back.

    Previously I was walking at least 10 to 15 miles a week.

  2. I am fat and unhappy..
    I used to be a good badminton player and I still want to play well but I have suffered and ACL injury which forced me to stop playing for a year. I did the insanity fitness program for at least a month straight after I had gained a stone in weight in the last stages of ACL rehab. I then stopped because of studying for A levels so gained a couple of pounds. Then I had holidays in the summer where I over ate AGAIN. I am disgusted with myself and my mum brought up that she was worried.

    1. Hi Gabrielle
      Thanks for your comment.
      Lay up on yourself, stop being disgusted and get yourself refocused – you sound like other areas of you life are working pretty well. You’ll just need some focus and some tweaks to get you weight and health on track again. You can do that, but it starts with being kind to yourself.

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