Fat Club – 95% Gauranteed Long-Failure Rate

One of my mates has been going to Fat Club (as she refers to it) for years. Her weight has been up and down, but if you averaged it out over the time she’s been going her weight has actually gone up – all that time, effort, and money to end up going the wrong way.

‘Fat club’ may sound a bit jokey and funny, but it’s doing damage every time you say it or think of it.

I’m not a fan of the mainstream ‘fat clubs’ and that’s another story entirely, but there’s a good reason that I hate it when I hear people refer to their weekly meetings and weigh-ins as ‘fat club. That’s because of the subtle but very powerful effect the words we use have on our results.

When you were a kid did you ever try to start a fire by holding a magnifying glass in between some old dried up grass and the sun? I remember having at go a this, not really thinking it would actually work, but it did!

fat clubThat’s the effect narrowing focus to one particular area has – it causes something to happen.

Your thoughts cause things to happen too due to the fact that they direct your focus, because what you predominantly focus on tends to show up in our life.

Using the term ‘fat club’ focuses your attention on ‘fat’, and this helps to make ‘fat’ happed for you. This shows up as not being able to lose weight, putting it all back on after losing it, and just never reaching what you want and being able to stay there.

It’s these kind of everyday mistakes that hold people back from losing their need to go to ‘fat club’.

The saying goes – ‘you get what you focus on’, and it’s true!

Change your focus, change your results.

Have a fantastic week.

Dr Julie

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