motivation to lose weight

Find The Motivation To Lose Weight

You keep saying you want to change and get healthy, but you can’t seem to summon the motivation to lose weight. You are just not doing it, even though you’ve been thinking you should for quite a long time.

What’s stopping you?

If your health was a priority, you would find a way to lose your weight no matter what. I’ve seen this happen.

If you’re not changing, the fact is it’s not a priority for you. The question is – will it ever be? I feel quite justified in phrasing it like that because I see people’s health falling apart at the seams in my work as a doctor, and yet they still don’t have the motivation to lose weight and change their ways.

Health often takes the back seat to everything else that is going on in life. But I think this ‘excuse’ is often a cover for something much more deep rooted and unspoken of.

Where Is Your Self Worth?

There are a lot of people who will bend over backwards to help others, often to their own detriment. But when it comes to themselves they do very little.

They feel other people are worth their time and effort, but when it comes to themselves it’s a totally different story.

If this is you – why aren’t you worth your own best effort, but everyone else is?

Do you look at the people you care about and think “don’t bother looking after yourself love, because you ain’t worth it and no one’s going to miss you if you pop your clogs early”

Do you think people look at you and think that?

When you’re questioning why you aren’t doing something that clearly you need to do, sometimes you have to look deeper to find out what’s really holding you back.

I’ve come across a lot of people who don’t rate themselves very highly, they might not even like themselves very much, even if what they present to the outside world is something quite different.

If this is you, on a deeper level you may have come to the conclusion you’re just not worth the effort, your self-esteem is that low. You may struggle to find the motivation to lose weight until you sort this out.

You have to make yourself worth it, worth the effort it’s going to take to change.

Motivation To Lose Weight

Sometimes you need to take a step or two backwards, before you can successfully move forwards. What I mean in this context is that if you have a really low opinion of yourself, that needs to change before you can confidently walk up to the starting line of your weight loss journey.

When you know you are worth it, you will find a way and do it – because you’re worth it!

‘Feeling worth it’ vs ‘not feeling worth it’ is pure and simply a state of mind, and nothing more. You state of mind comes from the thoughts you think, and the thoughts you think can change.

What is it going to take for you to finally turn around and say “***k this! I AM worth it!” and at last find the motivation to lose weight, keep it off and give yourself the greatest gift – your best attention to you and your well-being.

One of the beauties of doing this is that you can give even more to the people around you who you love.

My new book will be out shortly, and in it I’ll be delving deeper into this.

Watch this space..

Dr Julie


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