healthy diet to lose weight

Healthy Diet to Lose Weight

I was interviewed for a podcast where I talked about a healthy diet to lose weight.

I start at about 1 minute 50 seconds and you can listen to it here:

Before talking about a healthy diet to lose weight we chatted about why it’s important to lose weight in the first place. That’s all to do with how excess weight puts you in the fast lane for aging.

We also had a quick chat about why doctors in general aren’t great at helping people wanting to lose weight. What experiences have you had when you saw your doctor for help?

At the end of day most people with significant problems with their weight will have some kind of emotional eating going on, e.g. having a big dinner after a hard day at work, because you deserve it.

This led on to the fact that unless you tackle mind-set issues which are holding you back, information regarding a healthy diet to lose weight is unlikely to have much impact. Because we all know what to do to be healthier don’t we? It’s the doing it which is the problem.

Healthy Diet to Lose Weight

I was asked what the biggest nutritional mistake people tend to make. That was an easy question to answer – it’s eating too many foods that trigger an insulin response in your body, with the result of you laying down fat.

Your diet will be a lot less fattening without processed low fat products and refined carbs – these are among the most fattening and unhealthy foods you can eat.


If you would like the full story about a healthy diet to lose weight, and help to overcome emotional eating, check out Uber Slim, my online weight loss course which covers everything you need to know to get slim. Click on the link below, and if you’ve got any questions don’t hesitate to get in contact with me.

Have a great week

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