Healthy Ways To Lose Weight – Step 1

The fantastic thing about learning healthy ways to lose weight is that you feel well, vibrant, and full of energy! And obviously if you’re getting your body healthy, it will naturally find its ideal and perfect weight.

Healthy ways to lose weight has to include 4 essential steps for you to be happy while your losing you’re weight, and this week I’ll tell you about the most important one.

Who You Have To Be To Be Slim


Before you can have a slim body (and keep it long-term), you have to develop a slim mind-set.

Unless you do that you’re going to remain stuck in the diet trap, any many people remain here permanently – always battling with excess weight, and doing one diet after another.

With a diet mentality people focus on the actions they need to take to get the result they’re after:


However, the actions (like changing your diet and doing more exercise) don’t last long because you’ve left a crucial bit out – who you have to be to take those actions on a consistent basis, and get the results.

To be successful you have to change your mind-set first, and become that slim person in your mind. It is only then that you can consistently do what you need to do, to get the results you’re after. Without this you rely on will power – and that’s the big problem isn’t it?

Before your actions can consistently change, you have to change your thoughts, so the process looks like this:


Before you can acheive anything, you need to know where you’re going.

What’s Your Target?

healthy ways to lose weight

To achieve the journey that leads to successful weight loss, you need to have a compelling reason why you’re taking the journey.

Why are you trying to lose weight? If you says something like “to be slim”, you’re not going to succeed.

If weight loss was dead simple everyone would do it. It’s not, and for everyone who has achieved it there has been times when the going felt hard. If your reason to lose weight is only “to be slim”, when the going gets tough you’ll give up on the actions you’re trying to take, because you have no compelling reason to continue with them. “To be slim” has no emotional charge attached to it, so why bother?

Alternatively, here’s a goal I helped one of my Uber Slim clients come up with:

“I am at the top on Snowden taking in the incredible view, having walked up under my own steam. My wife tells me how incredibly proud of me she is and I feel absolutely fantastic!”

At the time of writing this, my client was hugely overweight and on a boat-load of pills for diabetes and high blood pressure, among other things. But this was his goal and it meant a great deal to him, he felt really good when he thought about it.

This goal gave him a compelling daily reason to continue taking the actions he needed to take. He wanted this goal a LOT more than second helpings at dinner time, or saying in bed instead of getting up 20 minutes earlier for a walk.

A goal you’re emotionally attached to is the starting point of mind-set change.

Healthy Ways to Lose Weight

The foundation of healthy ways to lose weight is a health driven mind-set. It’s only then that you can put into practice the diet and activity changes you need to make. However – it’s handy knowing how to make the right changes, so you’re not making matters worse. I’ll tell you about that in forthcoming articles.

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Dr Julie


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