Heavy Drinkers & High Speed Ageing

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Could your lifestyle choices be causing you to look older than you actually are?

There are numerous things people regularly do which are causing their body, and their face, to age quicker than it needs to. Visible ageing on the outside goes hand in hand with ageing on the inside, but you can’t see that until something horrible happens. Could you be creating something that you don’t know about yet?

Overdoing it with alcohol is one of the things that puts you into the fast lane for getting older quicker. One reason it does this is because at high levels it is toxic to your body. All parts of your body suffer but let’s look at two.

Are you destroying your brain?

When you drink more than a ‘sensible’ amount it quickly reaches a level which is toxic. Anything toxic to your body has a direct bad effect – at the very least it injures your cells, often it kills some altogether. This is like killing individual soldiers in an army. Your brain cells are particularly vulnerable to high levels of alcohol. Every time you drink too much you inflict a small amount of damage to your brain by killing some of the cells. Basically you are ageing your brain, but because there is so much spare capacity here you won’t notice it, not until it’s too late anyway. Are you on the fast track to dementia?

A healthy liver keeps you young

Everything you eat and drink, every pill you take and any nicotine you inhale – all of this is processed and made safe by your liver.

Your body sees high levels of alcohol as an emergency, because if nothing is done you will die. Your liver has no choice but to stop its usual routine work and deal with the emergency. When your liver is sidetracked its other work, e.g. everyday toxins, doesn’t disappear. The longer they are in the queue to get sorted the longer they are inflicting their own damage, which is ageing your further.

The bottom line is – anything that is toxic to your body will age you

What is ‘sensible’ drinking

The guidelines in the UK are:

  1. 14 units/week for women & 21 units/week for men
  2. These should be spread out over the week and ideally you should have a couple of alcohol free days

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2 thoughts on “Heavy Drinkers & High Speed Ageing”

    1. Not really! If you’re female and have 14 units in one go you put a lot of strain on your body, especially your poor brain and liver. You will definitely kill off some cells and it is very difficult and time consuming for your body to replace cells in these organs. So, if you do this every Saturday night you will never catch up with the loss. In other words your brain and liver are are getting smaller in terms of their capacity for working. Same applies to men who have 21 units in one go. Good question though, a lot of people ask that 🙂

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