Hotel Theresia – Great Place to Stay for Food!

hotel theresia

This is a brief departure from my usual blogs, but I really wanted to tell you about this wonderful hotel, and recommend it.

Good quality food is really important to me, and even on holiday I prefer to make as few compromises on that as possible.

Skiing is my absolute favourite holiday and in recent years I’ve realised I can’t fully enjoy it if the food isn’t up to scratch, hence trying this place out last year (and going back this year).

The choice of food is great. You would do well here if you were a vegetarian, pescetarian or full-on carnivore. With each evening meal there is a choice of having an organic meal – a particular draw for me.

Evening meals are 5 courses, and if you’re really greedy you can have cheese too! You get the chance to try traditional Austrian food which is really interesting. The food is cooked and presented beautifully. There was a wonderful selection of cheeses every evening.

There is also the opportunity to have organic beer and wine, another big plus with me.

Water put on the table each night is from the tap – this has been filtered, so even the water is healthy. No wafts or chlorine to spoil your palate.

Although I’m making this sound like a great place to eat for grown-ups (which it is), I noticed that kids could get more ‘kid friendly’ food – I could certainly see them tucking in.

There was big choice for breakfast, anything you could typically expect was available. I enjoyed the fresh fruit and often had eggs. I always take note of the colour of the yolks as an indicator of quality – they passed my test and tasted great.

If you get back in time from skiing you can enjoy hot soup and bread, cakes, ice cream. You’re never short of food!

I must admit to making one compromise to my health while staying here – and that was eating too much! The food was just so lovely, and there was so much of it. I’m not even sure skiing all day everyday compensated for it, but no worries as Uber Health kicked is as soon as I got back and my jeans fit me normally pretty quickly.

Just briefly – the building is beautiful, facilities marvellous, the service is wonderful and the owners are fantastic people – passionate about what they do, I love that.

I will definitely visit again. I imagine the mountains are spectacular in the summer too. It must be an amazing place for a walking holiday.

Maybe see you there sometime 🙂

Uber Health

Dr Julie

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