How Can I Lose Weight? – 2 Vital Steps

how can I lose weight


Last week I explained a common MASSIVE ROADBLOCK many people put in their way of shedding excess fat. 

“I’ve tried everything, nothing works, I can’t lose weight” = a CLOSED MIND and makes it pretty well impossible to make any progress with weight loss, even if you really want to. So what do you do instead?

“How Can I Lose Weight?” is a much better thing to say, compared with the closed mind statement of “I can’t lose weight!”

Firstly – just because you don’t have the answer to your weight problem right now, doesn’t mean there isn’t and answer. All it means is you haven’t got the answer right now. Thomas Edison didn’t have the answer to the light bulb until he’d tried a 1,000 ways that didn’t work. He didn’t give up because he knew the answer was out there. In the end he found the answer and had success.

He NEVER closed his mind. So the first thing to do is accept you don’t have the answer yet, but it’s out there – so keep open to it. Keep the question ‘how do I lose weight?’ in the front of your mind. 

Keeping your mind open enables you to see possibilities as they come along.

But there are a lot of possibilities out there – like a lot of really crap diets. So the second important thing to do is to assess a potential possibility to see if it’s a good option for you. 

One scenario could be – “I’ve done something like this before and it didn’t work – was that because of me, or was it because it was a stupid diet that was never going to work?” It might have been a good plan, but you just weren’t in the right place in your head at the time to do it. If that’s the case this might be a good route to follow. If it was a restrictive diet – steer clear!

Another scenario is that this something new that you haven’t tired. Look into it rather than just jumping blindly in. Does it make sense? Is this worth your time and effort (and potentially money too)? Use your mind and think about it. Is it something that works in harmony with your body’s physiology (and not against it like a restrictive diet)? Does it include something that pushes mindset blockages out of your way? 

If you’re looking for the complete package:

  1. pushing your mind blocks to one side
  2. overcoming comfort and emotional eating
  3. finding out exactly what food works in harmony with your body, keeping you slim
  4. getting to the bottom of how to exercise for fat loss

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