how to control high blood pressure

How To Control High Blood Pressure

The question “how to control high blood pressure?” assumes you’re stuck with your high BP. This is pretty much how it’s approached by most people.

Most people who develop high blood pressure have caused it themselves, by years of particular diet and lifestyle choices.

These choices are aging your body prematurely. It’s like having your foot on the accelerator in your car and realising you’re going too fast.

You’ve got two choices to slow down before you have a crash!

How To Control High Blood Pressure

The most common choice is to apply the brakes, i.e. take blood pressure medication.

Most people start on one tablet, but as time goes by find themselves taking two, three, and sometimes even four blood pressure drugs!

The reason more and more drugs are needed is that your other foot is still on the accelerator – the cause of your high BP has been left in place.

You’re going to need bigger and bigger brake pads as the accumulation of time plays out with your diet and lifestyle choices.

Imagine the feeling of an engine over revving and having to be tamed by applying your foot on the brakes to control your speed. It’s stressful! This is what is going on inside your body if you’ve chosen the ‘how to control blood pressure’ option.

A Better Question

How can you cure your high blood pressure?

In principle its’s easy – you stop doing things that are raising your BP, and you give your body what it needs to heal itself:

  • Stop hurting your body by feeding it with so many abnormal foods like refined carbs, oils, and sugar.
  • Give your body what it needs to build itself anew – and antioxidant rich diet filled with real nutrition
  • Improve your lifestyle, e.g. get enough sleep as this is when your body does its repair and maintenance.

For most people with high blood pressure – you can take your foot off the accelerator, bringing your body back to a comfortable idling speed. Once you do that you won’t be in the fast lane prematurely aging your body anymore (or taking heaps of pills which were propping up your lifestyle choices).

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Have a great week!

Dr Julie

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