how to eat to lose weight

How To Eat To Lose Weight

When you’re embarking on a weight loss journey it’s much better to learn how to eat to lose weight, rather than getting hung up on what you supposedly can’t eat.

Because when you concentrate on how to eat to lose weight, there won’t actually be too much room left for the foods that really do make you fat.

What you choose to eat influences your hunger, and that can either ramp up your appetite or curb it.

It just so happens that the most satiating foods tend to be great for your overall health and help you slim down too. Whereas the least satiating foods don’t tend to nurture your body, and make you put weight on.

How To Eat To Lose Weight

how to eat to lose weight

It’s common for my Uber Slim clients to ask me how to eat to lose weight. As they progress through the course it’s not unusual for them to get in contact with me, asking if it’s ok that they only eat two meals each day. They’re not attempting to go without, or starve themselves I hasten to point out.

On the course I encourage people to increase the amount of healthy fats in their everyday diet. This would include things like avocados, seeds, nuts, oily fish, healthy oils, and a certain amount of cheese and butter.

As a result of this change, from an often appetite increasing low fat diet, to a high fat and very satiating way of eating – the appetite reduces considerably.

Some people find that they go from 3 meals per day plus snacks to two meals without every feeling hungry in between. Other people continue with three meals per day, but find they rarely need any snack to keep them going.

Other Advantages Of Healthy Fats

As well as keeping you going for a lot longer (which helps to keep your mind off food), healthy fats give you two other things which help you to lose weight.

One of those is the fat soluble nutrients, e.g. vitamins A, D, E.  When you eat a low fat diet you risk being deficient of these. If your body is deficient of anything, your appetite can increase, in your body’s attempt to get what it needs.

The important thing is that omega 3 fats are essential for health. And you may be surprised to learn that a deficiency in these contributes to obesity. That’s right – a lack of these particular fats can make you fat!

It’s actually quite hard to eat more calories than you need, when you’re eating plenty of healthy fats – they are just so filling!

If you want to know how to eat to lose weight – up your healthy fats and decrease refined carbs and processed food. You’ll lose weight, and you’ll feel so much healthier.

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