How To Get Fat Fast – Part 2

As promised – this is the second in the series of how to get fat fast! This tip is really effective when combined with the last top tip I shared with you, if you missed out click here to catch up!


This tip is super effective at reinforcing your subconscious ‘fat program’, and it really compliments the last tip. As I mentioned previously – your subconscious mind enables you to bring into your life whatever you predominantly focus on.

As you’re getting on with your day it’s going to be really helpful to you when a really slim and healthy looking person passes you by, preferably jogging and looking super fit and gorgeous. This is a great opportunity if you want to know how to get fat fast! Do as many of these things as possible:

  • Turn your nose at them, in fact why not sneer
  • Say something offensive about them, maybe out loud so they can hear
  • Hate them, passionately
  • Decide it’s easy for them, they don’t deserve it because they’re probably horrible
  • Be completely jealous, and hope the rest of their life is awful

The gist here is to summon up a real feeling of loathing for this slim fit person who finds it so easy.

The reason this is so effective at helping you put weight on and stopping you losing it, is because this emotion is fed back to the deeper parts of your mind. This part of your mind is not going to allow you to become a hated figure too, because it’s not going to want other people sneering at you as you jog on by looking slim and gorgeous – much more sensible to avoid all that by staying fat.

You cannot become what you resent, your clever mind won’t allow it. It’s going to keep you out of harm’s way and ridicule.

You can add a stick of dynamite to this by joining forces with a friend and really slag this slim person off to an inch of their life. Two heads are definitely better that one with this kind of thing.

However, if you don’t really want to know how to get fat fast….

You need to send a different message to your subconscious about what who you’ve just seen. Do this by having these kind of thoughts:

  • She looks good
  • I’d like to look like that
  • I wonder what it feels like to be fit like that
  • What would I need to do differently to look like that?
  • She’s an inspiration
  • I might ask her how she does it

Do this and you send a totally different message to your subconscious. This more than opens up the doors of possibility for your subconscious to allow you to lose weight.

When you look at slim and healthy people in a favourable light, you begin to allow yourself to become one too.

Watch out for the next instalment in a couple of week’s time.

Have fun with this because when it becomes fun is starts to get easier, and then it starts to work!

Dr Julie

PS If you’ve got any tips that will help others learn how to get fat fast, please share them in the comments box below.

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