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How To Get Fat – Part 1

If you want to know how to get fat and stay fat, be sure to read this series of blogs and do everything I say. On the other hand if you don’t want to get fat, do the complete opposite.


The first thing to do is to moan about being fat, preferably quite a lot every single day. For example, you can this out loud when you look at yourself in the mirror, or quietly to yourself in your head is just as effective. Say something that will make you feel really horrible about yourself – that really does add power to your words.

The reason this kind of thing is my number one tip in how to get fat is that your subconscious mind responds powerfully to your emotions, which are triggered by what you choose to think and say.

Your subconscious mind will enable you to bring into your life whatever you predominantly focus on, especially when you feel emotion about it. So constantly feeling like crap when you think about yourself as fat is an excellent strategy for weight gain (or at the very least keeping you stuck where you are).

You can really ramp this up by complaining with friends and work colleagues. Talk about how awful is that you can’t lose weight, how dreadful your current diet is (in fact it’s completely ruining your life), and how any weight you might miraculously lose you’re bound to put back on.

You can really get a powerful vibe going when you complain in company and you’re all on the same wavelength. So definitely do this whenever you get the opportunity, it’s a must!

But what if you don’t want to get fatter?

Your subconscious will deliver to you what you focus on. A good start is to decide what it is you actually want, which is NOT where you are now. If fact what you actually want is likely to be in the totally opposite direction. Turn your head 180 degrees and look at what you want.

When the thoughts you have about what you actually want predominate over the ones about what you don’t want, your weight will start to reduce. That might be hard to get your head around at first, but it’s how the mind works.

Watch out for the next instalment in how to get fat in a couple of week’s time.

Have fun with this, because when it becomes fun it starts to feel easier, and then it starts to work!

Dr Julie

PS This is just the kind of stuff I share in this book, and once you correct unhelpful thoughts about your weight you’ll find weight loss suddenly becomes a lot easier.

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