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How To Get Fat Quickly – Part 3

Here we go with the third in the series of how to get fat quickly! This is a bit of fun. This tip is super effective when combined with the last two top tips I shared with you, you’ll find the links below if you missed them.

Here’s the content of how to get fat quickly in a short video:


It’s likely that your issue with your weight is a result of your ‘fat program’ running unchecked in your subconscious mind. The way to continue to struggle with your weight is to forget about looking within yourself for the solution, but look outside instead.

The easiest way of doing that is to go on a diet, and basically be told what to do. There is no risk what-so-ever of changing your subconscious programming into that of a slim person by taking this route.

Diets have the truly stunning and spectacular success rate of 5%. That’s right, they fail 95% of the time!

You don’t fail, the diet fails.

The diet fails because it’s the wrong tool for the job, it’s like try to mow your lawn with a pair on nail scissors – perhaps it could work in theory, but in practice it’s hopeless.

If diets actually worked do you think two thirds (and growing) of the population would be overweight?

So what would you do if you didn’t go on a rotten diet? Instead of going on a diet you may consider approaching your weight loss as a change in lifestyle.

A change in lifestyle means you are changing yourself – this is actually something to get excited about! Currently you’re not happy with your weight, you hate dieting, you wonder if there is light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s time for a change, and that change is you!

Change can’t happen all at once, like on a Monday when the diet starts again. People who successfully change themselves and achieve new things do so gradually, gently, and they enjoy the ride and enjoy discovering new things.

On any ride there are bumps and you might fall off from time to time – this is normal. As you did when you were a child learning to ride a bike – you just get back on again, you don’t give up and go back to the beginning (unless you’re doing a diet!)

This week’s advice is to STOP DIETING! Because that really is how to get fat quickly.

Instead accept change needs to happen, and it needs to happen with you. Then anything is possible…

Have a great week.

Dr Julie

PS What are your personal and proven tips regarding how to get fat quickly?

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