How To Start Exercising

“I have no time to exercise!” “I hate exercise!” “Even the thought of exercise feels like hard work, let alone doing it!”

These are just a few of the more polite things one of my clients had to say to me about exercise. However, she also recognised that it was only by doing some that she would achieve her aim of being fit and healthy.

Jane is a busy lady in her late 40’s who works full time in an office based job. When we first spoke she was too tired to do any exercise after work and had no intention of getting up early to do any. Fair enough.

So where do you start?

Your muscles are a key player in keeping you slim and keeping you healthy so they’re a good place to start.

How to Start Exercising

This is what Jane started with.

1. 5 push ups before going to work


2. 10 squats when she visited the ladies room mid morning, while at work


3. 20 seconds of a modified plank when she got home from work


Quite easily Jane had solved a problem of how to start exercising. Whats she’s done here is make a start! The push ups are building upper body muscle, the plank is building core strength and muscle and the squats are building lower body muscle.

This very basic, simple, and quick work out is a great start for people who think they haven’t got time to exercise. It also gets over the problem of it being too hard.

I know Jane has gradually increased where she started from. Each week she would increase how many or how long. She would then move on to the more challenging way of the doing the exercise as she got stronger. Later she added some different exercises.

You can see just who easy it is to solve the problem of ‘how to start exercising’.

Well done Jane, keep up the good work!

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Until next week

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Dr Julie



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