how to stop craving sugar

How To Stop Craving Sugar

One of my Uber Slim clients emailed me towards the end of last year, asking how to stop craving sugar. In fact this is how she put it:

I am fairly sure I have an addiction to sugar, and have had it over so many years, ever since I was little. It has got a bit better over the years, but still presents an issue – so habit and addiction. I am hoping that maybe the cravings will reduce somewhat as I change the carbs intake, is that right?

This doesn’t have to be sweet things, it can be things like bread, potatoes and pasta too – these are all basically sugar once your body absorbs them. So they can all have the same addictive effect on your body.

Not everyone is the same when it comes to sugar addiction – some are prone to suffer with this, and other are not. Not everyone needs to know how to stop craving sugar!

And it’s not your fault if you are prone to it, it’s the way you’re made!

And if you don’t realise this, it can lead to all sorts of negative feelings about yourself.

Some people who have a problem with sugar and/or carbs have a tendency to feel weak-willed, because they can’t stick to a healthy eating plan to save their life! They end up beating themselves up about repeated diet failures and constant giving in to temptations.

It’s only when you understand what’s actually going on within your body that you stand a chance to conquer this problem, and then lose your excess weight. I’ve explained it in this video to help Christiane move forward with her problem.

How to Stop Craving Sugar

I don’t normally share these videos – they are for my Uber Slim Premier clients.

As well as doing my online weight loss course, Christiane is also tuning in every week with me via the weekly live webinars. That means she gets all her questions answered, like ‘how to stop craving sugar’.

If you got help like this do you think you’d lose your weight?

Come and join us in Uber Slim now and get started:

Have a great week!

Dr Julie

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  1. As always a really informed video delivered well and full of practical solutions. Well done and thank you.

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