How To Stop Overeating & Get Control To Lose Weight

I see loads of patients who need to know how to stop overeating, before they can lose their excess weight and regain their health. But it seems this is easier said than done!

I spoke to one woman last week who, on the one hand wants to be slim, but on the other hand knows full well she’s overeating just about every single day. And she hasn’t been able to change to this, yet.

What you are about to read may sound like common sense and really easy. You may find yourself saying “I know this already, tell me something I don’t know!” If this happens while you are reading – alarm bells should be ringing, and I’ll tell you why soon.

How To Stop Overeating

First of all, what do you want instead? You have to know that before you can move towards it. Maybe you want to feel satisfied after a meal, rather than bloated or stuffed. It’s a good idea to imagine this new feeling before you eat a meal. This starts to program you mind that you want something different, and it starts the process of developing a new habit. It makes it more likely you’ll do what you want to do.

Here comes the obvious stuff, so listen for the ‘oh, I know this already..’, because it’s coming.

When you pick something up to eat, stop for a second and ask yourself something – “Am I hungry, do I need this?”

Working in a doctor’s surgery there is always loads of chocolates, sweets, cakes and biscuits that our lovely patients bring in. It’s so easy to walk past and pick one up, and almost mindlessly pop it into your mouth. Stop and think for a second first.

The next step in how to stop overeating is when you are eating. Chew your food properly and fully before you swallow it. Eating your food slowly, instead of wolfing it down, gives your stomach a chance to let you know when it’s had enough food – giving you the choice to stop in time.

If you eat you your food slowly, and really appreciate it, as you approach the point of having had enough (that is enough calories to satisfy your needs) each subsequent mouthful becomes less pleasurable. You also get a slight fullness below the centre of your ribs, if you’re paying attention. When you’re satisfied or full – stop! It’s your choice to carry on to bloated and feel really bloby.

Do You Know This Already?

How to stop overeating is potentially straightforward.

Eat only when you’re hungry, eat slowly, and stop when you’re full.

You know this already right, and the temptation was to skip over it, because you know it. But hang on just a second. You say you ‘know this’, but are you doing it? Are you only eating when you’re hungry? Do you always take your time when eating? Do you routinely stop when you’re full?

Do you really know this if you’re not doing it?

This is a clever self sabotage trick your mind uses to keep you stuck, by not gaining value out of something that seems too simple to work. Watch out for this little gremlin in your mind – it’s really holding you back!


You can find out more about the gremlins keeping you stuck from my book, Living The Slim Life.

Have a fantastic week.

Dr Julie




4 thoughts on “How To Stop Overeating & Get Control To Lose Weight”

    1. Dr. Julie Coffey

      Some people have found keeping a little crib sheet in their pocket, that they take out when thinking of eating, has helped.
      You need some kind of thought provoker to snap you into consciousness, instead of acting unconsciously and on autopilot.
      You have to make a bit of an effort in the early days, but if you keep doing that it will develop into a new habit.

  1. Jayne Broughton

    I when I read your book, the chapter on this made me really stop and think! You think it’s common sense so you ought not to nibble on biscuits and things, but I used to find it so hard to resist them. When I read the ‘mindset’ bit at the start of the book, it really opened my eyes . It’s very rare that I overheat these days. Thanks x

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