How to Stop Stuffing Your Face When You Get Home From Work

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You know what it’s like when you’ve been out all day at work and you get home feeling absolutely ravenous. Before you know it you’ve eaten all the wrong food and far too much of it. Then you feel fat.

One of the participants on my fat loss course identified this as a problem. She’s not alone, this is a common problem for people out at work all day.

In the West we tend to eat 3 meals/day, some only two and a few people eat only once/day.

Modern day hunter gatherers

These small populations have been observed. They don’t have pre-set meal times – they eat when they’re hungry and stop when they are satisfied. They don’t keep eating until they are really full. These people are lean, but they probably do a lot more exercise than the average person in the West.

The thing is they eat small amounts of food on a regular basis, quite different to most of us. They probably represent what most humans did many years ago.

Regular small meals

Studies have shown that people who eat 2,000 calories/day in regular small meals, e.g. 4-5, tend to lose weight. Those that eat the same amount of calories in 2 meals tend to put weight on.

Therefore eating regular small meals should be part of your healthy weight loss plan and can help you to lose weight.

The added bonus of eating regular small meals throughout the day is that you don’t arrive home in a state of desperation for food and end up emptying the fridge.

Part of your weight loss solution could include several healthy snacks during the day, things like:

  1. raw nuts and seeds
  2. fruit
  3. vegetable juice
  4. humus and raw veggies to dip

If you don’t already to it – start enjoying a couple of healthy snacks each day, that way you will arrive at home feeling ok and have time to get some decent food together.

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