I’ll Start Exercising When I’ve Got Some Energy

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One of my patients said this to me today. In fact a lot of my patients complain that they have very little energy. They also know that if they did some regular exercise they would have more energy. Some people choose to wait for the energy to arrive first. This puts them into a catch 22 situation!

When your metabolism is running well you feel good and have lots of energy. Also you have a healthy and slim body. There are a number of things you need to do to have an energetic metabolism. Two of the most important are what you eat and what you do.

Where does energy come from?

There is an area in your brain that predicts your energy needs and it is based on past experience. If you generally lead a sedentary life your brain interprets that as you not needing much energy. Therefore it will not supply much, so most of the calories you eat will be sent to storage rather than converted to abundant energy. As a result you will feel sluggish and probably put on weight.

With consistent exercise your brain gets the message that your body is active, dynamic and needs more energy than before. So rather than storing so many calories they will be made available to produce energy for activity. Consequently you will start feeling good, with more energy. You might actually feel like exercising ๐Ÿ™‚

Consistent moderate exercise is best

Consistent, moderate exercise spread out over the whole week is far more beneficial than intense exercise concentrated on one or two days.

Moderate exercise includes walking. The benefit of walking is that you will be using the largest muscles of your body, and they need a lot of energy. If you don’t like walking – choose something else. But something as simple as this can be part of your healthy weight lost plan and help you increase your energy levels too.

Consistency is much more important than one or two intense bursts. By all means do the short intensive work too, but do it in addition to something consistent and moderate, e.g. going for a walk every day.

Sporadic exercise is a bit confusing to your brain when it comes to predicting energy requirements. It results in no real increase in your metabolic efficiency or fat burning. So it results in little increase in your daily energy.

Increase you energy:

  1. Accept that the energy is not going to come first – you have to do something!
  2. A good start is eating healthier.
  3. Moderate exercise 5-6 days/ week. For example – a 30 minute brisk walk.

This won’t happen overnight but stick with it and you will feel better in a few weeks.


Your weight loss solution can be a lot easier than you think, but you do need the correct information to be successful.

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5 thoughts on “I’ll Start Exercising When I’ve Got Some Energy”

  1. Since I started swimming 4 times each week I have had much more energy than I used to have. I used to have a big slump in energy at work in the afternoon but I don’t these days.

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