Increase Metabolism & Lose Weight


To increase metabolism you need a healthy liver. Your liver is another key player when it comes to a great fat-burning metabolism.

Last week I mentioned your muscles as being one of your BIG allies when it comes to fat burning, but they can’t increase metabolism on their own.

Without a healthy liver you’ll struggle to keep good health and maintain your ideal weight.

A weakling liver contributes to the cascade of hormonal signals travelling through your body that causes ‘over the hill’ to creep up on you, and weight gain.  So for good health and your ideal weight you want a healthy liver.

Increase Metabolism with a Healthy Liver

Nearly everything you take into your body is dealt with by your liver; this includes everything you eat and drink, and also any medication you take, and recreational drugs.

The best place to start in improving the health of your liver is to reduce the amount of toxins it has to deal with. This is so it can get on with its own important work of maintaining your metabolism at its best.

  1. Keep alcohol to a moderate amount
  2. Keep your caffeine intake down
  3. Keep drugs (legal or otherwise) to a minimum – only take what you really need and is benefiting you
  4. Consider organic where possible to reduce pesticide intake (you liver has to deal with these)


As well as doing that you can give your liver what it needs to look after itself (and therefore the rest of you)

  1. Good quality nutrition
  2. Plenty of fresh water
  3. Enough sleep (this is when you liver does a lot of repair work)


Your liver is so important to your health and weight, look after it.


If you are struggling to know where to start with all of this let me help you. Enrol onto my online weight loss program. It starts in January and if you book by 24th December you can get a discount.

Until next week

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Dr Julie

4 thoughts on “Increase Metabolism & Lose Weight”

  1. I read an article recently saying that lack of sleep can make you put weight on. I guess it’s all tied in?
    Interesting topic, thanks.

    1. Hi RB
      Yes, you’re right. Lack of good sleep contributes to being overweight. It’s all tied with your body working as a whole, if one thing is wrong (like sleep) then it has a lot of consequences. Sometimes it’s hard to understand if you don’t know how all the systems are related to each other.

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