weight loss slowing down

Is Your Weight Loss Slowing Down?

Weight loss slowing down is almost inevitable on any kind of restrictive diet, because diets work antagonistically with your body.

Two massive problems with diets that ultimately lead to weight gain are:

  • Sleep disruption
  • Slowed metabolism

Dieting Has A Bad Impact On Sleep Quality

The longer you can keep a restricted diet going i.e. eating significantly less than you burn – the more it’s going to back fire on you because of the impact it will have on your sleep.

The longer you manage to restrict your calories the more your body will be tricked into thinking you’re going through a period of famine. When your body gets this message you don’t tend to sleep so well – this is a defence mechanism against starvation.

When you’re not sleeping so well hormonal changes occur that increase your appetite to drive you harder to find food. Because famine is not really happening you’ll find your will power buckles in grand style.

Dieting Keeps Your Fat Where It Is

Dieting completely ignores is insulin, which is massively ignorant because you can’t burn your fat while insulin is present.

Think of it like this – imagine all of your stored fat as a pile of firewood. Insulin is the equivalent of soaking your firewood in water. 

Water makes the energy in wood inaccessible, the wood cannot burn until the water has gone.

Insulin makes the energy in your fat unavailable to you. You have to clear the insulin from your system before you can burn your fat.

Even on a calorie restricted diet you might be eating and/or drinking for enough hours in the day to never allow you system to be sufficiently clear of insulin to start using your fat.

Weight Loss Slowing Down – Reversing The Trend

If you’re doing a diet – stop that and do something that works like intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting is a great introduction to a powerful health and weight loss tool. It gives your body the opportunity to access its own fat stores, enabling you to lose weight.

It also allows you to eat properly so you don’t mess up your sleep by making your body think it’s starving.

Fasting is just one of powerful and easy things I’ll covering in a lot of detail on my retreat in May 2019.

When you start working with your body instead of against it you’ll be astonished as your progress!

Have a great week!

Dr Julie

PS If you’ve got any questions about the retreat don’t hesitate in dropping me a line.


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