Juicing and Weight Loss


So how does drinking freshly made fruit and vegetable juices fit into your healthy weight loss plan?

In a nutshell they support your metabolism, and it is only when you have got your metabolism sorted that you can lose fat and keep it off long term.

Much of what people eat these days is refined, nutritionally dead food. If your diet includes a lot of this sort of stuff, you may well be malnourished and be suffering from various deficiencies. This is very common in people who are overweight and it is not helping their weight loss efforts.

Where does juicing come in?

Your body and metabolism needs lots of raw materials to be working well. When your metabolism is right, you feel great! You have to feel this for yourself to know how good it feels.

Most people don’t lack calories (unless they’ve been on a diet and have been starving them self), so the raw material lack will be, in part, the micro-nutrients. These are vitamins, minerals and all sorts of other goodies found in fresh foods.

Juicing is a way of concentrating all the goodies into a glass, without having to munch your way through stacks of fruit and veg.

Modern day hunter gathers have been studied and found to eat the equivalent of 25 portions of fruit and veg. That’s far cry from the 5 portions recommended in the UK, and enough to increase your spending on toilet roll considerably.

Juicing is a great way around this and something I go into on my course.

The micro-nutrients are vital components to the process of burning fat. Without them your fat burning efforts are hampered and you will struggle to lose weight. This is why juicing could be a great addition to your plan.


Your weight loss solution can be a lot easier than you think, but you do need the correct information to be successful. You need an understanding about nutrition, and you can get that from an expert who will guide you until you know this stuff.

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Uber Health :)

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    1. Hi there
      It’s freshly squeezed that does you good – the the sort you will get in a juice bar, or a place that makes fresh juice. The stuff you buy in cartons at the supermarket has been pasteurized and therefore lost a lot of the micro-nutrients

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