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It’s all very well me talking about the best diet for weight loss, but what does that mean in practical terms?

Last week I wrote about eating a diet that is in harmony with your body’s physiology. But knowledge without application isn’t going to get you very far, is it?

So here is a typical meal that I eat, to give you some ideas:

Salmon dressed with organic olive oil with garlic and ginger
Baked tomatoes
Large serving of steamed broccoli
A small portion of boiled potatoes (2 little ones) with a nice lump of butter on them

All the veg was organic and the salmon was wild, not farmed.

There are several really good things about this meal.

  1. It has got a good amount of protein and fat. From last week’s blog we know that this sends ‘Times Are Good!” signals to our metabolism, so we can afford to burn plenty of calories and so have lots of energy and feel good.
  2. The salmon is wild so it has the correct balance of fats in it, particularly the omega 3s. (In farmed salmon the balance is all wrong and it is low in omega 3s). These are great fats and have lots of important functions in your body, including… wait for it… keeping your weight down!
  3. The veg is all organic – this means more nutrients and no chemical pesticides which can mess up your system and contribute to illness.

The potatoes are the only potential fly in the ointment here, and that is why I have so few. This would be a healthier meal without them, but like I said last week – I’m very good, but not perfect. Because as far as I’m concerned – good enough is good enough.

A nice knob of butter is fine here. Apart from being lovely, the saturated fats in it are a good source of energy, and because the carb load is so low, this fat isn’t going to end up on my thighs. For anyone worried about butter please have a quick look at Margarine vs Butter.


Uber Slim Online Weight Loss Program will take you through everything you need to know to achieve your ideal weight, and it’s easier than you think it is. Up to now you’ve probably been trying to do it with the wrong information. Wrong information gets wrong results. Give it a go with the right information and see the difference.

Have an Uber Healthy week

Dr Julie

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    1. Hello Sally-Anne
      Farmed salmon has nowhere near the levels of omega 3 as wild salmon. These stickers are an example of the food industry exagerating the truth to make their product look healthy.

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