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You Have To Like Yourself To Lose Weight

Are you someone who takes pride in your home? Or if not your home perhaps your garden or even your car?

Keeping a nice home is an effort, but many of us do it because we value the place we live. We want it to be nice so we and our family can enjoy it.

The love you have for your home (or your garden or car), is reflected by the love and care you put into it.

I believe the love we have for ourselves is reflected in the care and attention we show to our self. And this results the state of our health. After all, we may live in a house, but firstly we live in our body.

How much care and attention are you paying to your body, the real place that you live?

Do You Like Yourself?

Recently I was having a 1 to 1 coaching session with an Uber Slim client, and it became apparent that she didn’t really like herself that much. She would be quite bubbly and happy as far as the outside world was concerned. But the reality is quite different. Her self-esteem was low, she thinks she’s useless, and generally has a low opinion of herself.

She also complained that she can’t seem to get her act together to lose weight.

I said to her “You don’t like yourself very much do you?” And I explained why I thought that was her biggest obstacle to losing weight.

There’s a certain amount of effort involved in getting healthy and slim. Just as there is when it comes to making a house a home and keeping it that way. If you didn’t like where you were living – would your heart be in it to improve it and make it nice?

If you don’t like yourself, why on earth would you go to the effort to improve yourself?

Not liking yourself sits as a massive hurdle in your subconscious, and it will stop you getting healthy and losing weight.

In Uber Slim I give all the info about nutrition and exercise, but on it’s own its useless, because the thing that stops most people losing weight is their mind.

That needs sorting out first, and it’s why it’s a big part of my course.

You can find out a bit more about it by clicking here. Or you can drop me an email with any questions you have.

Next week I’ll share a few tips on how you can like yourself better – thus increasing the chances you can lose weight.

Have a great week.

Dr Julie

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