Living The Slim Life

Have a plan, create the mindset, make it happen

living the slim life

Nearly everyone who has an issue with their weight already knows how to eat better than they do, and they usually know that being more active than they are will help too! But most people don’t put into practice what they already know, why is that? It’s because most people miss out the bit that will enable them to do the things they already know they need to do – and that’s developing a slim mind-set.

In Living the Slim Life you’ll find out how create the mind-set for successful weight loss, including practical advice on how to conquer emotional and comfort eating.

You’ll find out what you really need to know about nutrition. As a doctor Julie has sorted the wheat from the chaff and explains how to eat to nurture your body to welcome health back into your life. All aspects of diet are covered, including the really common deficiencies that can stop you losing your weight – often exacerbated by restrictive diets.

The whole exercise debate is demystified, and you’ll learn the most effective exercise techniques for weight loss and health improvement – this can be done in just 20 minutes, 3-4 times a week.

Most importantly you’ll learn how to stay motivated and stay on track, to achieve long-lasting weight loss.

Living the Slim Life is a no nonsense book about health and weight loss, and will open your eyes to the truth and facts about losing weight and staying healthy.

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After years of stops and starts, gains, losses and cravings galore, at last a book (Living the Slim Life) which I can buy into.

It offers sensible advice and allows guilt free eating. Once again, I can proudly eat butter, cook with the correct ingredients and have some science and expertise to back me up.

I have lost one and a half stones since January without having to give up butter, cream or eggs. 

Julie’s book doesn’t come with a sachet of will power; it’s not a book which you will read and the weight will drop off you, but it is a well written, common sense approach to debunking some myths around the food industry and explaining why I was feeling as I was about food.

My diet has completely changed (my mind-set is still getting there as I have 43 years of ‘programming’ to sort out!) but I am now a porridge convert, a wheat avoider and an egg maniac.

We try and buy food which is good for our body and eat the right things, rather than filling ourselves with hidden rubbish which, as the book will inform you, is hidden in what are apparently healthy foods.

I have learnt so much by reading this, it was well worth the cost just within the first few pages. If I could give you a few words of advice – drink water, eat porridge, cook in butter not olive oil, and to find out why – buy this book!

Thanks Julie!

Chris Foster

Rotherham UK

In reading the book (Living the Slim Life) it reminded me of the following quote I have written down. ‘Healing the body without sorting out the mind will be an impossible task. The body can only be what the mind allows.’

Diets, diet shakes and calorie counting fail because they don’t address the mind-set required to be slim. Your book is one of the few I have read that takes this on right at the beginning with more than just a cursory mention.

I purchased it in my quest to keep myself educated about maintaining my health as I age. It has been a worthwhile purchase, providing many insights I will use to tweak my food management and useful information.

It is written in a straight forward and easy to understand style. It gets to the root causes of health issues without fuss (thank goodness, because many books and articles don’t) and in doing so makes it quite obvious what the best solution is.

For anyone desiring to drop those extra pounds/kilos then you would be hard pushed to find a more straight forward and pragmatic approach. It is not an overnight pseudo fix. There should be more books in this vein.

Leonard Kelly


OMG, reading this book (Living the Slim Life) is like a light bulb switching on in my head! Thanks so much for writing this, it’s totally changed my thinking.

Everyone at work wants to know what diet I am on…… I say “it’s not a diet, it’s a healthy way to live ” ……so they are all ordering your book! I feel so much healthier and have dropped a dress size. So I actually am beginning to like what I see in the mirror again.

My appetite has decreased a lot, just as you said it would.

My daughter couldn’t believe the difference in my shape when she was here last week. 

Thanks again for writing Living the Slim Life!

Gwen Sheehy

Port Talbot, UK
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