Are You The Type Of Person Who Can Lose Weight?

I often get asked for meal plans and recipes. I’ll be honest with you, you’re missing the point if this is the main thing you’re after from me, and it comes down to the actions behind three words carried out in a particular order:

Be → Do → Have

You want the slimmer healthier body, and to feel better – I get that. And when you include the 3 steps in the right order you’ll get what you want. But most people completely miss out the foundation step, and even get the other two backwards.

I started yoga nearly 3 years ago, I’m not very bendy, but I’m a lot more flexible than I used to be (I was as stiff as a board). Someone looked at me recently, 3 years into my yoga journey and said “It’s ok for you, you can do yoga because you’re flexible, I couldn’t do that”.

I honestly felt like saying “FFS – I’m flexible because I do yoga!”

What I’m saying here is – I do yoga, therefore I have flexibility. You obviously can’t get to the have bit, if you don’t do the do bit first and for long enough.

I have a runner friend who gets the same kind of comments. “It’s ok for you, you can run half marathons because you’re fit”. She’s not as polite as me, so I won’t repeat what she said. But in essence – she’s fit because she runs. She does the do, and gets the have – fitness.

I see a lot of people who say they want to have the slimmer body, but they aren’t actually doing anything to achieve that.

Other people are trying to do things, but not achieving much. That’s because the first ingredient is missing!

I don’t just do yoga. I am a yogi. I identify as a person who does yoga, it’s easier for me to practice yoga most days than not to practice yoga.

My friend is a runner, therefore she runs, therefore she’s fit.

If you want to have something you have to be that person in your mind before you will consistently do the things that will bring you the results you say you want. Otherwise you’re trying to be something that you’re not. That means you’re using will power, and we all know where that gets us don’t we.

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Have a great week!

Dr Julie

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