Everyone Is Capable Of Losing Weight If They Use They Use The Right Tools


Everyone Can Lose Weight

“A bad workman blames his tools” as the saying goes, meaning the tools are fine but the user is pretty hopeless.

When it comes to losing weight this saying could not be further from the truth, because if you’re using rubbish tools you won’t get the job done.

Everyone is capable of losing their excess weight, but most people who ‘can’t’ lose their weight blame themselves, and not the rubbish tools they’re using. Rubbish tools = restrictive diets and hours at the gym.

When you pick the right tools for the job in hand (and learn how to use them if necessary), your excess weight will come off.

Up to now you may have been trying to get a nail in the wall with a screwdriver, once you pick up a hammer instead the jobs done! You need the right tools for the job in hand.

Align What You Want With What You Think

I’m constantly banging on about what it is you want regarding your weight, so I won’t cover this vital tool again here (but click here if you’ve not sorted this yet).

Let’s say you’re planning on losing 3-4 stone so that when you’re on holiday you can put your bikini or shorts on in confidence. You’ll be looking back at your holiday snaps thinking ‘I look hot!’

You have your end point in your mind’s eye. At this stage, every thought you have about that end point is either going to help take you towards it, or take you away from it – either keeping you stuck where you are, or have you putting on even more weight.

Your thoughts are kind of like Velcro.

If you get Velcro wrong it doesn’t stick. It’s like having thoughts such as these:

  • I know where I’m going, and just need time to get there
  • I’m doing well
  • I’m enjoying trying new things, I’m looking forward to seeing the results

Thoughts like this are aligned with your end point, so they help glide you on towards that. There’s no friction, no sticking.

If you use Velcro like you’re supposed to it sticks fast, and your stuck. And your thoughts have this effect on you. These for instance:

  • I’ve always be fat whatever I try
  • I’m useless, I can’t stick to a diet to save my life
  • I hate my body

These thoughts are in complete opposition to your end goal, and act very much like Velcro used in the correct manner – stuck fast at best, at worst you’ll be going backwards and putting on even more weight.

Correct Your Everyday Thoughts To Get Better Results

This stuff may sound subtle, and that’s why it’s overlooked and ignored, but it’s where it’s happening. Correct your everyday thoughts and you will be transformed.

You can’t work towards a weight loss goal if you’re having enough opposing thoughts that are going to have you stuck like Velcro.

When you decide what you want and align your habitual thoughts to that, you’ll be amazed at what happens.

This is exactly the stuff I teach in Uber Slim, which is why it works. You’re given the correct tools, I teach you how to use them. Correct tools in capable hands = weight loss. It really can be that simple.

If you’ve got any questions about Uber Slim go to the contact page and drop me a line.

Have a fabulous week.

Dr Julie

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