Taking The Handbrake Off So You Can Lose Weight

It’s nearly impossible to find a solution to any problem when the problem is what you are focusing on.

In last week’s blog I explained how not accepting where you are right now with your weight will keep you exactly where you are, and you will not lose weight.

Accepting where you are right now is a bit like saying “Well, it is what it is and that’s all there is to it” (and not feeling bad about it). That allows you to ask the obvious question “What’s next, what do I want?”

As soon as you accept where you are, you can stop the behaviour that’s keeping you stuck, and lose weight instead:

  • Berating yourself for being overweight
  • Feeling bad when you see photos of yourself
  • Discussing ‘fat things’ with friends and work colleagues, like how you can’t lose weight
  • Complaining about the lack of a slim body

All of the above keeps your focus on exactly the thing you don’t want.

How can you move onto anything new if you’re predominantly looking at what you’ve got right now? You can’t! It defies logic, but that’s what most people are doing.

Accepting where you are is a lot easier when you decide what you actually want. And once you’ve done that the next step is to direct your thoughts towards it. It’s a bit like looking forward to a holiday before you get there. In fact it’s the same as that.

The thing with the holiday is that you know you’re going, you know it’s going to happen. Therefore you can feel at ease between now and then, and allow it to happen.

But most people doubt their ability to lose their weight, which is why they can’t easily look forward, hence the focus on where they are now.

Non-acceptance of where you are = focus on what you don’t want = getting more of what you don’t want.

It’s like the handbrake is on in your car, and you just can’t move forward no matter how much you try.

It’s not that difficult to get rid of the doubts, but you’re likely to need help on how to do it before you can lose weight.

The content of this and the previous blog, has come from Living the Slim Life. There’s loads of information about kicking your doubts into touch in this book. And once you start shaking off your doubts – it’s like the hand brake coming off, you can’t help moving forward to a slimmer you. Imagine how good that will that be…

Living the Slim life cover

Have a fabulous week!

Dr Julie



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