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Losing Weight – The Missing Secret

Losing weight is one of those simple but not necessarily easy things to do. That’s because you don’t know the missing secret yet, and you’re up against two powerful adversaries:

  1. Your habits that trip you up every time you get around to losing weight
  2. The environment – especially the food and diet industry, losing weight is not good for business

Your Habits

Just about everyone knows how to live more healthily than they do.

You know how to eat better than you do, and you know more activity would help but you don’t do it.

Doing better than you are doing right now is not down to lack of knowledge, it’s down to your habits.

Habits are like software on your computer. If you haven’t got the ‘slim habit’ programmed in you can’t be slim, at least not for long. Losing weight often ends up with putting it back on again.

If you’re overweight right now you have the ‘fat habit’ running. That will continue to run and you will continue to struggle losing weight until you put a new program into your head.

Common ‘fat habits’:

  • Eating the same ‘bad food’ over and over again
  • Eating more than you need over and over again
  • Doing diets over and over again
  • Feeling bad about yourself over and over again
  • Coming up with reasons why it’s difficult losing weight over and over again

This stuff runs on a loop, and this will keep happening until you put something new in your head instead.

It feels like you’re your own worst enemy!

If that’s not bad enough – it’s happening on the outside too!

Your Environment

Every day we are bombarded with contradictory advice about what we should and shouldn’t eat, what’s healthy and what’s not.

The food industry peddle toxic and addictive food and it’s making people and children fat and sick. Their marketers are clever and the messages about their products could sound believable if you haven’t got your wits about you.

The government maintain that it has to be personal responsibility when it comes to health and losing weight. I only agree with that to a certain extent these days, and that’s a result of seeing growing numbers of fat children.

I can’t see the government doing much about this, so we need to learn how to protect ourselves from our environment – to see through the bad advice, manipulative advertising, and the lies about food.

Until you develop your own personal force-field you’ll continue to be a victim to your habits and to be manipulated out of your money for ‘food’ products sold to you by the food industry.

But all is not lost, because you have the potential to be a lot stronger than these two..

Losing Weight – The Missing Secret

losing weight

All diets miss the missing secret to losing weight, which is why any success is short lived and you don’t lose weight long-term.

If you’ve learned to walk, talk, drive car, any number of other things – you’ve done that by installing the skill into your subconscious mind. It’s like a program and it runs automatically once you’re learnt it.

This means you CAN install a new program into your mind, you CAN install the ‘slim program’. And this is your protective force-field. You’ll find yourself losing weight and keeping it off.

Like anything worthwhile you’ve learned in the past, like driving – it takes a bit of time and practice. A diet is no short cut to this, which is why they don’t work!

Once you’ve got your ‘slim program’ running it acts like a magic force-field which protects you against outside manipulation and influence. You also have the ability to protect yourself from yourself! Old habits are kicked into touch when they rear their ugly head and eventually made redundant.

There are 5 steps to installing your very own ‘slim program’ and losing weight.

Quitting Your Negativity

Every time you complain about being fat, or feel bad about feeling fat you’re reinforcing the ‘fat habit’.

This happens because whatever you chose to focus on with your mind, is brought into your life. Your body can only go with your mind leads. Continual thoughts about what you don’t actually want (like complaining about where you are now) gets you more of what you don’t want.

Gotta stop it!

Decide What Do You Actually Want?

Most people are stuck on a loop in step one.

Look at what you’re complaining about and turn it around 180 degrees and look in the other direction. What do you really want? Why do you spend so little time and energy thinking and talking about that?

A lot of people get a bit scared about saying what they want, and that’s often routed in fear of failure, and sometimes fear of success!

Recognising What’s Holding You Back

I often end up pressing people’s hot buttons in my work as a GP.

Sometimes I say that weight loss will help, which triggers a dark cloud to appear and a drop in the room temperature – and then I brace myself for something like this:

  • “I’ve tried everything, nothing works!”
  • “I CAN’T lose weight!”
  • “It’s genetic, all my family are big”
  • “I haven’t got time”
  • “It’s alright for people like you..”

All of these statements expose beliefs you have about yourself. As long as you hold on to them they will remain true for you – they act like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

They have to go!

Overcoming Beliefs That Are Holding You Back

When you actually listen to what comes out of your own mouth you can get a good idea of the things lurking in your subconscious that are holding you back – and you can look at them to see if they’re true, or a load of rubbish.

Let’s take “I’ve tried everything, nothing works!”

What do you actually mean by that?

When I ask people to explain that one for me it turns they’ve tried loads of different diets. To my ears that means they’ve tried one thing over and over again – because diets are pretty much the same.

Have you taken the time to create a new ‘slim habit’ by learning the beliefs, thought processes, and resulting consistent behaviour of a slim person? Have you uncovered your wonky thinking about your weight and corrected it? If you haven’t – you haven’t tried everything, and you can drop that thought.

Gaining Support

Most people stand a greater chance of fulfilling their potential if they have some kind of support.

The ideal is a mentor or a coach. It could be a supportive friend. It might be getting involved in a course to help you develop a new slim mind-set. Perhaps take a gander at Uber Slim.

Just think about starting your ‘Lose Weight!!’ New Year’s resolution with a vastly different mind-set… Things could be very different in 2018.

May your force-field protect you!

Dr Julie

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  1. Hello. Have read your book living the slim life. Was. About to read on my phone a bit of your second book as offered by you. Sandwiched between your sample book and this comment page was another offer of free 90 day weight loss. Programme click now i thought this was part of your programme so clicked it . It tesponded with a message from leadpages/leadbox thanking me for ticking box. Please can you tell me who lead pages etc is. Are they part of your stuff or have i been tricked into giving my name and email to persons totally unconnected to you. Ps some good stuuff in your book. Regards elaine

    1. Dr. Julie Coffey

      Hi Elaine. Thanks for the feedback about my book, much appreciated.
      There is nothing on this site that is not connected to me, your email address is totally safe and not shared with anyone else.

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