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Low Fat Dairy Products Are NOT Healthy!

One of the things my Uber Slim clients struggle to get their heads around at the beginning of the course is to never buy ANY low fat dairy products again!

We Are Designed to Eat Natural Food

The body you have is the result of millions of years of evolution. Part of that involved developing a digestive system to make use of food provided by the natural environment.

Low fat dairy products, like skimmed milk, low fat cheeses and yoghurts are processed, and are therefore no longer natural (as well as being a mighty poor substitute for the real thing!)

Low Fat Dairy Products Are Nutritionally Deficient

When the fat is removed from milk, the fat soluble vitamins are removed too.

So much of the good stuff is stripped away, leaving a nutritional disaster behind.

Interesting that these nutritional nightmares have a longer shelf-life too. This increases profits for the food industry, and at the same time harms your health.

Low Fat Dairy Products Can’t Be Digested Properly

In nature, fat and protein tend to come together – in things like meat and fish, nuts and seeds, and dairy products.

To digest protein properly your gall bladder needs to empty its contents of bile into your digestive system. It only does this in response to fat, because it’s needed for fat digestion too.


But if you’re eating protein food where the fat has been processed out of it, you’re not going to deliver enough bile to make proper digestion of the protein possible.

So by removing the fat and producing low fat dairy products, you create something that is both vitamin deficient, and impossible to digest properly.

Food that isn’t digested properly causes problems like IBS, bloating, constipation, loose stools, and bad smells.

Gallstones Anyone?

Low fat diets in general are one reason people develop gallstones.

When you don’t eat enough fat, your bile flow gets sluggish. When bile sits around for too long – stones form.

Do yourself a massive health favour and stop buying all low fat dairy products, because they just harm your health and give no benefits what-so-ever.

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Dr Julie

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