low fat diet plan

Low Fat Diet Plan

It kind of makes sense doesn’t it – cut down on the amount of fat you eat with a low fat diet plan and you should lose weight. Unfortunately as well as not being a whole load of fun this is a good way of losing out on a lot of nutrients too.

There are 2 important things to weigh up if you are considering going on a low fat diet.

Are you getting enough nutrients?

Among other things some important vitamins are only found in fat. So if you eat low fat for a significant length of time you risk getting deficient on these. For example vitamins A D and E.

Also, some fats are essential to good health and actually help you lose weight (see this blog to find out more). If you’re missing out on these long-term you leave yourself prone to all sorts of illness and are also inadvertently hampering your long-term success.

Most people’s body fat doesn’t come from dietary fat

It’s a common misconception that high fat diets are the main cause of being overweight, this just isn’t true. Most people’s weight problems stem from poor choices when it comes to carbs  (more info here).

When you eat sugar and refined carbs regularly, these have the effect of increasing your appetite and therefore make you eat more. In addition to that a lot of the energy released from these foods will be immediately converted to fat.

So, you can be as low fat as you like but it’s not going to give you a long-term weight loss solution. It might not even work short-term if you’re getting carb choices wrong.

Healthy weight loss plan

Your long lasting healthy weight loss plan should include education so you can take control. Then you can confidently make correct choices most of the time and not inadvertently sabotage your weight loss efforts (and your health).

The advantage to education is that once you know what you’re doing with food you have certainty of success. You also never need to go on a diet again, or give diet clubs repeat business because their diet didn’t work first or second time around.

My next fat loss course is starting 26th September. You can find out more details here.

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