lowering cholesterol naturally

Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

Lowering cholesterol naturally is topical because as medical guidelines regularly change about who ‘needs’ statins, more and more people are finding themselves being advised they need to take them.

Some people want to be a bit more proactive when it comes to their health and avoid side effects of drugs. So instead of treating symptoms with drugs they prefer to remove the cause – saving themselves a lifetime of taking pills.

In the West people’s cholesterol tends to run higher than populations who eat differently, which says a lot about the cause of high cholesterol!

These days cholesterol has been completely vilified, which is strange considering every single cell in your body needs it to maintain their membrane – otherwise the cell would break down and collapse. Cholesterol is also an absolute requirement for your brain to function properly.

Cholesterol is so important your body is capable of making all the cholesterol it needs.

Cholesterol tends goes up if you eat too much of it. It also goes up if you don’t eat enough of the things that enable removal of excess cholesterol from your body.

Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

Generally speaking high cholesterol is not due to a deficiency it taking drugs..

You don’t need to eat any cholesterol at all to have enough for your body’s needs. Some people’s bodies will reduce the amount it makes in response to the amount eaten, but there’s a limit to how much it can deal with before your levels go up.

Other people keep on producing their own cholesterol despite how much they’re adding to that with their diet.

Cholesterol comes from all animal-based food in varying degrees – meat, fish, eggs, and dairy. Basically the more you eat, the more cholesterol your body has to try and deal with.

The other important aspect to lowering cholesterol naturally is being able to get rid of your excess.

Excess cholesterol is dumped into your intestines, destined to be eliminated. Once it’s there it binds to fibre and is carried out of your body.

If you don’t eat enough fibre the excess cholesterol gets absorbed straight back into your system.

Lowering cholesterol naturally is pretty straight forward when you work with your body instead of against it:

  • When you eat too much cholesterol your cholesterol will be higher – lessen the burden on your body by taking in less
  • If you don’t eat enough fire you can’t get rid of you excess – eat more fruit, veg, legume, nuts, and seeds

The principles to lowering cholesterol naturally are pretty simple really aren’t they, but throw in the human mind-set and it often falls down! Knowing and doing are often two very different things aren’t they.

Have a fantastic week!

Dr Julie



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