Are You Ready To Feel Amazing?

 Join me for a few days and discover just how easy it is to turn your health around, to feel full of energy, and to be happy and calm regardless of what life throws at you.

It's Happening in May!

Join me for 3 days of fun, great company, learning, relaxation, and yoga too if you'd like to try it out.

This is happening in the wonderful environment of Ringwood Hall Hotel in Brimington, Derbyshire. The hotel is set in 6 acres of beautiful gardens and surrounded by 29 acres of parkland.

It also has a lovely spa where I anticipate continuing sharing information with you and answering your questions 🙂

I am running this mini retreat with a top yoga instructor - Hilary Jones.


  • Arrive Monday 13th May PM for meet and great and preparation for Tuesday
  • 14th - 16th May - 3 full days immersion into making you feel tremendous!

What's included in the price:

  • A room for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night
    • option to arrange Thursday night with the hotel if you don't want to rush off
    • option to share a room to reduce price
  • All meals
  • Twice daily yoga
  • Daily workshops

Optional extra cost = a pass to the spa. We've secured £39 for 2 days.

What's On The Agenda?

If you're like most people when it comes to your health you probably know better but you just can't seem to do better.

That's because you hold yourself back. You do that largely because of established bad habits and self-sabotage - these are massive road blocks within your mindset.

Success with health goals is dependent on your mindset. Any change starts in your mind. Fix things there and you can achieve whatever you want with your health.

Added to this a lot of people have knowledge gaps about what is the best thing to do to get healthier.

There is SO MUCH conflicting advice these days it's no wonder people are confused!

During the workshops you will learn:

  • How to harness the power of your mind to get it working for you instead of against you
    • Imagine consistently doing healthy things for yourself because you actually want to
    • Will power is not needed when you get your mind on your side
  • How to eliminate harmful stress
    • Stress has a horrendous effect on your body
    • Any health programme needs to equip you with the tools to deal with this
    • Dealing with stress is not complicated!
  • How to eat well for physical AND mental health
    • I do not believe there is a 'one size fits all' diet, but there are broad principles important for us all
    • I do not believe in dieting, in fact I know it's bad for you!
    • It is very hard to have great mental health if you don't feed your brain properly
  • How to sleep well
    • Good sleep enhances all other weight loss effort
    • Good sleep help to regulate hormones which further increases your enerygy
  • How to incorporate exercise into your life without it being a grind
    • Yoga can be an important part of this to keep joints flexible and supported by good muscle tone

Your Hosts

Dr Julie Coffey

uber health blog julie coffey

Dr Julie Coffey is conventionally trained doctor and works as a GP in the NHS in Sheffield. Because of this role she understands disease, and the medication people may be on because of it.

Over the last 10 years she has developed expertise in natural health. She has also trained in NLP and coaching.

On this retreat Julie will be laying the groundwork for you to create a 'healthy person's mindset' which is a prerequisite to a healthy body.

She will also providing a frame-work for healthy nutrition and sweeping aside the BS contradictory advise from government guidelines, downright lies from the food industry, and correcting the well-meaning but often incorrect advice from your GP surgery.


Hilary Jones

Hilary has worked as a yoga teacher for over a decade, a vocation that she's followed alongside work as a careers adviser and trainer.
The two have come closer together over time, as her yoga became more about exploring the body and the self, and her careers advice work became more about how we might live a meaningful life through the work that we do.
She has just completed her book, Once Upon a Lifetime, twelve stories of meaningful lives and has developed a unique coaching method that uses Narrative Therapy to support people at difficult crossroads in their working lives.
On this study retreat, Hilary will be leading daily yoga and mindfulness sessions and delivering a session on meaningful work.  Hilary lives in Sheffield with her partner, young daughter and their bouncy dog, Milo.


Your Investment

We have an early bird offer open until 31st March which will save you £50.


  • Happy to share a twin room with another participant £595 early bird, £645 if booked after 31st March
  • Twin room for myself and a friend £595 early bird, £645 full if booked after 31st March
  • Double room for myself and my partner £595 early bird, £645 if booked after 31st March
  • Single room (double, en-suite, single occupancy) £695 early bird, £745 if booked after 31st March

If you've got any questions at all please don't hesitate to drop me an email at

Click here for the booking form.

Really looking forward to meeting you in May 🙂

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