New Year’s Resolutions – Make Them Work!

new years resolutions

It’s that time of year again!

But will your list be the same as it was last year?

Let me ask you – “How much time did you spend thinking and planning for  Christmas?”

Another question – “How much time are you devoting to thinking and planning for the coming year?”

If you’re doing things in a way to ensure great results with your weight and health you will be spending a good lump of time thinking about what it is you want.

Let’s just go back to Christmas for a minute. The plan usually starts with imagining Christmas – the tree is up and decorated, people are opening presents, lots of food and drink is available and people are having a good time. Working back from that end point you made a plan – buy a tree, think about presents, get them, invite people, buy the food.

Basically you created your end point in your mind first, and then built a plan around it – and mostly it worked.

If you didn’t think specifically about how your Christmas would be what would happen? Nothing, or you would go along with someone else’s plan.


Back to what you want for your weight and health for 2014

  1. What’s your end point?
  2. What exactly does it look, sound and feel like?
  3. What’s the plan to get there?

Someone else’s plan may be fine for Christmas but possibly not for your health. Also – going with the flow means doing the same as last year, and getting the same results. Is that what you want?


For success with weight loss and better health it is VITAL to engage your brain. You do this successfully in other parts of your life, e.g. planning Christmas. With a few tweaks you can do it to lose weight too.

Join me on Uber Slim 2014 and I will show you exactly how to do this. You can make 2014 different.

Until next week

Uber Health

Dr Julie

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