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Not Losing Weight And Tried Everything!

In a recent survey my readers told me that lack of will power is a big reason for not losing weight.

Lack of will power is not usually the case, evident by success in other areas of your life.

Will power doesn’t work for weight loss.

You’re not losing weight for other reasons, but it’s subtle and below your everyday thoughts, and the elephant can help explain.

not losing weightWhen elephants are young they are tied up, and they learn they can’t break free – but they don’t.

This belief stays with them even though they become big and powerful. They easily possess the power to break free.

They have learned to be helpless when it comes to escape.

They have forgotten their option to ‘choose freedom’ in this mental belief state of ‘learned helplessness’.


Not Losing Weight Because of Learned Helplessness

Psychologists have known for years that people learn to be helpless too, and forget their ability to choose.

Diets don’t work to lose weight and keep it off in the long term. But they do work to create the state of learned helplessness. The elephant is stuck walking around in a circle, the dieter is stuck to the cycle of yo yo dieting.

The yo yo dieters believes “I have to diet”, instead of choosing health and happiness. Health and happiness around food is evident by:

  • NOT doing diets (or evening thinking about dieting)
  • NOT being controlled by food
  • Enjoying your ideal weight year after year
  • Freely happy and free around food

Diet by diet you are led to a state of forgetting your ability to choose health, just like the elephant forgets it can easily break free.

The yo yo dieter is as helpless as the tethered elephant.

The yo yo dieter is at the mercy of other people’s (or organisation’s) choices, because you gave yours up long ago.

The yo yo dieter is very susceptible to a new diet or going repeatedly going back to an old and familiar one like Weight Watchers or Slimming World.

Reclaim Your Strength

What if the elephant could remember how strong it is? They’d off like a flash!

What about when you remember how strong you are? Imagine what it would feel like to choose health with the resulting energy, vitality, and weight loss that would bring.

You can exercise your choice when you remember you have a choice.

You can chose to remain helpless and tied to dieting.

Or you can chose to be healthy. Some of this choice might be learning how to be healthy – and if that’s the case, do it!

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Have a thoughtful week

Dr Julie

4 thoughts on “Not Losing Weight And Tried Everything!”

  1. Hi Julie

    I enrolled in your UberSlim course a few years ago. Is this the same as that one?


    1. Dr. Julie Coffey

      Hello Michelle, it’s probably been updated depending on how long ago you did it, but similar.

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