Prevention of Breast Cancer; Naturally or Surgically?

angelina jolie

The treatments on offer from conventional medicine for established cancer are pretty horrific in most cases. Angelina Jolie’s case makes if very evident that even preventative measures can be awful. It doesn’t bear thinking what she must have gone through to come to that decision and then go through with it.

But is there a better alternative to this, even in women who have genes that make them much more likely to get cancer?

I have had heard stories of people being cured from cancer and doctors having no explanation for it. This intrigued me and as I looked into it I came across Lorraine Day. She is a doctor in the US who developed breast cancer. She turned her back on conventional medical treatments and went in search of a natural cure. Although she became very ill she did indeed cure herself. See her talking about it in this video.


I read a book: A Cancer Therapy. Results of 50 Cases by Dr Albert Schweitzer. This book was published in 1958. Within that book are 5 cases of women with breast cancer. This doctor treats his patients by changing their diet. These patients were doing very well with no sign of cancer 10 and more years later (and some of them were pretty ill when he saw them).

Other people have taken this work further since then.

I was quite stunned that I didn’t even know that this sort of proof existed and that it had never been mentioned in medical school. But the more I learn about natural treatments the more I realise there’s no money to be made in them, and that’s not how the world works.

There seems to be credible proof that cancer can be reversed by diet change, even advanced cancer in some cases.

Using smoking as an example – not every smoker gets a smoking related cancer. That suggests that genes play a part making one smoker more likely to get cancer than another.

These days we can identify women who have a high risk of breast cancer by looking at their genes. However, if they have the gene the risk is not 100%

If it’s possible to cure cancer by diet and lifestyle change, is it possible to prevent by doing these things first?

What do you think?

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