procrastination and health

Procrastination And Health

Thanks to everyone on my email list who responded to the survey. The results clearly shows the link between procrastination and health!

Here’s a summary of the results.

Your Health Is Not Your Priority

76% of you told me your health assumes either a medium or low priority, which ties in exactly with 76% of you also telling me you are not enjoying your best health and/or weight.

What is even sadder is 59% of you say this has been the case for over 5 years, and half of that number over 10 years!

Illness And Disease

Over half of my readers have already been diagnosed with will an illness or disease and are taking prescribed medication.

Totally unsurprising with the lack of priority health gets.

The top 3 health problems and reasons for daily medication:

  1. High blood pressure
  2. Depression
  3. Under active thyroid

Procrastination And Health

It’s great to see that 97% of you’re are doing something to help yourself, but given that 59% of you haven’t enjoyed good health for over 5 years I can’t help coming to the conclusion that your efforts aren’t effective.

Why is that?

I asked what’s holding you back, and here are your top 3 reasons:

  1. Lack of will power
  2. Never ending procrastination
  3. Lack of sleep, and lack of quality sleep


My thoughts on this feedback you’ve been kind enough to send me..

It’s clear so many of you are not living as fully as you can because of your lack of priority about your health.

It’s also clear your habit of putting off healthy changes will have many of you in an early grave…

High blood pressure is the number one risk factor for dying early. It is the prelude for all sorts of other disease – especially heart problems and strokes.

Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally

Depression has strong links with lifestyle, i.e. what you chose to eat and how you chose to live can either help you get better, or help keep you stuck.

An under active thyroid can be helped enormously by eating right as it helps restore balance to your hormonal system. Hormonal balance is knocked out by the combination of a crap Western diet and stressful lifestyle.

I’m impressed that you identify sleep being so important to health and weight – because it is!

The sooner you accept having more will power is not the answer to your health problems you will make progress:

This is why will power doesn’t work

Stay tuned for blogs addressing these issues!

How Easy Is It To See Your GP?

As a GP I think the commonest complaint we get is that patients can’t get a timely appointment.

I would guess that my readers in the UK have that problem too.

Nearly 60% of you have been struggling with your health and weight for over 5 years.

For a few months I’ve been offering a handful of free 30 minute (you usually get 10 minutes with your GP) consultations. I’ve enjoyed speaking with some of you 🙂

45% of you have noticed this offer in my emails, but haven’t taken my up on my offer.

Are you one of those people that procrastination and health will have the deadly outcome of preventable decrepitude and premature death?

Over the next few weeks I will continue to offer opportunity to speak with me for free to people on my email list.

Press pause on your procrastination long enough to book in!

Have a great week

Dr Julie


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