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8 Quick Weight Loss Tricks

Here are a few really easy quick weight loss tricks. As you read through them think about the one or two you could start doing right now!

Enjoy A Full Fat Breakfast

Healthy natural fats are filling, and keep you going for hours, unlike toast or cereals. Having a good portion of healthy fats as your first meal of the day will prevent mad blood sugar swings – the kind of thing that makes you hungry mid-morning and reaching for carby snacks.

One way I do this is by having smoothies. The fats I use are either avocados or raw nuts or seeds (usually soaked overnight so they go nice and creamy when whizzed up)

Plan Your Meals In Advance

If your goal is to improve your health and/or lose weight, what you eat is a pretty important part of the process.

Taking a few minutes to sit and think about what you intend to eat, and jotting down the meals for the coming week, is a really great way to keep focused. Make your shopping list from this plan – it’s also a great way to reduce waste.

Don’t Food Shop When Hungry!

NEVER go food shopping if you’re hungry! It’s almost a guarantee to come out with all sorts of crap you had no intention of buying isn’t it?

The other thing that can get you past the tempting smells and displays in a supermarket is to do your shop online.

Make Sure You’re Well Hydrated

It’s a fact that thirst and early hunger can feel the same. The temptation is to eat first.

Eating when your body only needs water means all those calories are destined for your fat stores.

By drinking water throughout the day you’ll keep your body nicely hydrated, and when you do feel hungry it will be for food.

Eat Well Before Bedtime

Our bodies are actually set up better to have the biggest meal of the day at lunch time, or early afternoon. The advantage of this is that you tend to burn off a lot of that energy, as you’ve still got hours of activity left.

Most of us tend to eat our biggest meal at the end of the day. The closer you do this to bedtime, the more of it is going to be laid down as fat.

If you eat your biggest meal in the evening – do it as far away from bedtime as you can.

Reduce Foods That Ramp Up Your Appetite

Unnatural, refined and processed food have unnatural effects on your body, one of them being swinging blood sugar levels with consequent increased appetite.

Chose more food that is closer to what if was originally. Basically reduced the ‘white stuff’ as much as possible – sugar, white flour products, and white rice. Chose whole foods more often instead.

This is probably one of the most important dietary quick weight loss tricks.

Make Plans For Predictable Problems In Advance

Most of us have predictable weaknesses. Trying to use will power alone in these situations as they arise is really tough, and often doesn’t work! But planning in advance will increase your chances of behaving in a different way.

An Uber Slim client noticed that whenever she got a bit bored at work, or felt like she needed a break, she would pop to the café next door and buy herself a large late or hot chocolate. It was incredible the amount of extra calories she was packing away by doing this!

She decided that when she got the urge to have a break she would make her own drink (not involving milk), or just have a quick walk. But sometimes she’d treat herself and have a late.

Know When You Need Help & Get It!

If you’ve read all this and are saying to yourself “yeah, yeah, tell us something new Julie”, but you’re not in fact doing it – then what’s the reason why?

The reason is a problem with your mind-set. You don’t currently have a health driven mind-set, and until you do you’ll struggle putting easy stuff like this into practice.

Click here to find out more about Uber Slim, which will teach you the mind-set stuff you need to lose your weight.

Quick Weight Loss Tricks

You could take just one or two of these quick weight loss tricks and make a decision to do them for a month. If you do that you will begin to develop a new habit. And once it becomes habit – you don’t really have to put much effort into keep doing it.

Then you can pick another one or two, and do the same for the next month. If you did that with all of these you could transform your weight and health over the next few months.

Feel free to drop me a line with any questions.

Take care.

Dr Julie

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