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Risk Factors For Breast Cancer & How To Reduce Them

As a doctor I know how common breast cancer is, and that it’s becoming more common. But the really positive thing is that many of the risk factors for breast cancer are under your control, and that’s where I’m going to concentrate with this article.

Breast cancer is becoming more and more common in Western countries, and that’s because the way we live plays a big role.

Increased Body Weight

One of the most significant risk factors for breast cancer is being overweight.

Your fat is hormonally and biochemically active, it doesn’t just sit there doing nothing.

Fat tissue produces oestrogen, and the more fat you’ve got the more oestrogen you produce. Many breast cancers respond to oestrogen, which means they are super-charged by higher than normal levels.

Fat also produces a lot of inflammatory substances which travel around your body. They inflict damage as they circulate, increasing your risk of breast cancer.

Easier said than done I know, but trimming down to a healthy body weight significantly reduces your risk. And it also reduces your risk of it coming back if you’ve had it before.

If you’d like some help with that, check out Uber Slim – my 12 week online weight loss course. Because I’m a doctor I teach people to lose weight in a healthy way, reducing their risk of illness as well as slimming down.

Cancer Nurturing Food

It was Donkey’s years ago that Warburg won a Nobel Prize for his discovery that blood sugar is linked to cancer.

Despite that, nutrition advice is still not part of a cancer treatment plan by conventional medicine. And sugar and carbohydrate consumption has increased dramatically in the nearly 100 years that we’ve had this information.

Eating a diet rich in food that converts easily to sugar, could be inviting certain cancers into your body.

A carb-loaded diet is one of the risk factors for breast cancer, because it tends to make you fat and it pushes your blood sugar up.

Carbs get a lot of coverage in Uber Slim, because as well as increasing your risk of cancer, they increases your waistline.

Lack Of Exercise

There are many reasons why exercise reduces the chance you’ll get cancer, but I’ll give you 3 simple ones:

  • Exercise burns up glucose, so there’s less of it around to harm your body.
  • Exercise pumps oxygen rich blood around your body. Oxygen is toxic to cancer, it kills it.
  • People who exercise tend to have less body fat – and hence less risk of cancer.

Lack of exercise is one of the common risk factors for breast cancer.

Cigarettes & Alcohol

In short – too much alcohol in toxic, it damages cells, making them more likely to mutate into cancer. Alcohol also increases oestrogen levels.

Cigarettes are just toxic pure and simple. The toxins are absorbed into the blood stream via the lungs, and travel all throughout the body. If you smoke, you roll the dice as to what nasty illness you’ll get. Cigarettes inflict their damage far and wide.

Too much booze and any fags at all are serious risk factors for breast cancer.

Exposure To Chemicals

We are exposed to a never ending flow of chemicals into our bodies with modern Western living. These are absorbed into your body through your lungs as you breathe them in, through your skin as you apply things to it, and through your gut via the things you eat and drink.

Most of these chemicals inflict their damage by disrupting the normal hormonal activity in the body.

The food we eat can be covered in pesticides and artificial fertilisers. You can reduce this by choosing organic. If you can’t get organic wash and scrub your food really well.

Farmed meat and fish can be loaded with antibiotics, hormones and pesticides (organic and wild is better). Take care over the quality of produce you’re choosing to eat.

Perfume, cosmetics, sun screen, and cleaning products, are all sources of chemicals that seep into our bodies. You can reduce this by choosing products made with natural ingredients.

Water is another source of chemicals. I definitely recommend avoiding water in plastic bottles. Chemicals leak from the plastic into the water, and then they get into you. Filtered tap water is ideal.

Risk Factors For Breast Cancer

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There is so much you can do to reduce your risk factors for breast cancer.

For most people, the things we have power over play the biggest role. So if you’ve had breast cancer before, or have a family history of it – you can empower yourself by concentrating on the things you can change, and these things happen to play the biggest role:

  • Take action to reach your ideal body weight – check out Uber Slim if you’re struggling
  • Clean up your diet by reducing the amount of sugar you’re putting into it
  • Drink sensibly
  • Cut out the fags – don’t ever stop trying to quit
  • Review how many chemicals you’re exposed to, start reducing that

If you’ve got any questions about reducing the risk factors for breast cancer, contact me.

Have a great week.

Dr Julie




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