Setting Yourself Up Right To Get Fit As F**k!

If you’re on my email list you’ll know in January I embarked on my own personal mission to be ‘Fit As F**k’ by my 50th next May. It’s been great to hear from some of my readers that you’re joining me with your own missions leading up to a big birthday ๐Ÿ™‚

My mission is going well thanks to the value of consistency.

I had a great insight the other day as to why I’m doing so well, so I thought I’d share this in case it can help you with your own health mission.

I had motivation to get started with this – I’m menopausal and I know if I’m going to have a strong fit body for years to come – NOW is the time to build on what I’ve got and make it better, because without some serious ongoing maintenance I my body will decline from this point on.

Back in January I did a baseline fitness test that only involved only 4 minutes of exercise but I nearly died and was aching the next day! Although my results weren’t bad, within 9 weeks I’d improved by 69%!!!

I was stunned at my improvement, but realised that’s what happens when you do something consistently. Consistency has been the key, but how I’ve managed this feat (and actually enjoyed it) is the most interesting bit for me.

Enjoy Yourself On The Way

Day to day it hasn’t been about reaching my version of ‘Fit As F**K’.

It’s much more about the experience I’m having now on the way to this goal.

I’m the first to admit how surprised I am about how much I’m enjoying myself!

I love yoga and walking Lulu my greyhound, but apart from that I’ve not had much to shout about and my cardiovascular fitness in particular needed improving.

Shortly after I set my ‘Fit As F**k’ intention one of my friends suggested we do Tough Mudder in the summer. Because I’d programmed myself with my intention I was immediately up for it. Not sure I would have been otherwise!

The very next day we went for a run, and for the first 3 weeks it was just the two of us. On week 4 there were 3 of us. Last week there were 8 of us, 2 of whom I’d never met before.

After our run we always go for coffee so it’s turned into a lovely social, and I’m meeting new people. I actually look forward to this run on a Sunday morning!

In between these weekly sociable runs I’ve been doing between 4 and 16 minutes of structured exercise most days.

Physical Fitness Starts In Your Mind

In a nutshell this is what I’ve done:

  • Set an intention (get Fit As F**k) – the crucial part as nothing happens without this!
  • With my intention set I’m ripe to respond to a fun opportunity because it’s in total alignment with where I’m going.
  • I’ve combined getting fitter with having fun – spending time with friends and meeting new people.
  • Measuring my improvement which gives me a sense of achievement and spurs me on to do even better.
  • Setting up a positive cycle of feeling better so I’m inspired to do more and feel even better!

When it comes to health, fitness, and weight loss – it starts in your mind, it continues with your mind, and your success or failure is dependent on your mind.

Mindset is everything!

Mindset is the main feature in my upcoming mini retreat because without it your efforts to change don’t stand much of a chance.

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Have a great week!

Dr Julie

PS Why not get your own team together a do a Tough Mudder !



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